How To Find a Job as an Electrician Apprentice

With a specialized job like an electrician, you can make quite a living. Electrician is classified under skilled labor so you can charge a sizable rate by the hour. With the right contacts and the correct training, you can make a good living by being an electrician.

Of course, when becoming an electrician, you begin at the bottom. You start out as an apprentice and learn what you can from your senior electrician. You make contacts among contractors and clients along the way while you work your way to the top. Since being an electrician is considered a specialized skill, your role as the apprentice is to learn from the electrician everything you need to become just as good. You will benefit from the electrician’s experience and knowledge, things that you don’t learn from school or from books.

Steps on how to become an electrician’s apprentice are listed below.

  • Trade school. You have to learn everything about being an electrician at school. Invest in going to a good trade school in your area so you get down the basics of electrical circuits and appliances down pat.
  • Apprenticeship. After finishing your course, trade schools can place you as an electrician apprentice to reputable electricians in your immediate area. Your apprenticeship begins when you apply with the National Electrical Contractor’s Association and should last around 3 to 5 years, depending upon your performance on jobs with the electrician. Understand that the apprenticeship is more for your protection and development than anything. This is the time you make a name for yourself under the electrician and make contacts of your own for jobs.
  • Specialize. The more specialized you are, the bigger the market for your services. Often, a lot of electricians decide not to specialize but all this does is create a glut for the market. You can apply at the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC.) This program allows you to specialize. You can become an external or internal lineman, a VDV installer, internal wireman or a residential wireman. You can visit their website for more information regarding their apprenticeship program.
  • Licensure. Much like any regulated industry, you need to pass a licensure exam to qualify as an electrician. Each state has their own standards and requirements so check with your local government office for the details.

Electricity, despite being an essential to modern living is quite dangerous when you do not have complete knowledge on how to work with it. This is the reason why most contractors outsource the electrical work of their construction to licensed electricians and their apprentices.

Becoming successful as an electrician’s apprentice depends on how much you’ve learned in trade school and how you apply yourself while as an apprentice. It is necessary to first become an apprentice before you strike out on your own as a full fledged electrician. This is the time of your career where you are not fully responsible for your work and a great time to learn all you can about becoming the best electrician you can become.


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