How To Find a Job with a Criminal Record

Just because you have served some time in prison or just because you have been convicted of a certain offense does not mean that you no longer have a chance to get a job in the future. If you have a criminal record or if you are in jail here are some steps to help you get a job.

  • Make use of your prison time. Just because you are in prison does not mean that you are deprived of every opportunity. In most prison facilities these days, there are opportunities for you to improve your criminal record and make the most of it. First, you can take your prison time as an opportunity for studying. There are various technical and vocational courses that are offered in prison. There are even some college degrees that you can study fro while in prison. Basically, you will be able to do long-distance learning through prison, if you apply for it.
  • Get the records expunged. After serving your prison time, you should also work on getting your criminal record expunged or the case closed and sealed. This way ,the criminal record will no longer affect your background checks, and will make it seem as if you have never committed the crime. Not all applications for criminal expungement, however, are granted. But you should try to apply for it nonetheless.
  • Check out the qualifications. Next, look for jobs that do not require a pristine criminal record. By default, many employers will look for employees that do not have past criminal records. But, there are also a growing number of employers who will hire you even if you have a criminal record, as long as you are able to prove that you have improved and learned  from your prison time. Just avoid those jobs that disqualify those with criminal records.
  • Work the career ladder. Start small, when looking for a job with a criminal record. If you start from the bottom of the career ladder in the field or industry where you want to work, chances are that you will be able to show everyone just how fit you are for the job. With some time and hard work, you will get the promotions that you need regardless have whether you have previous served in prison.
  • Know the law. Next, be sure to reads up on state laws about hiring and employment. Remember, there are a number of states that prohibit employers from disqualifying job applicants just because they have a criminal record. Just because you suffered under the law does not mean that you can no longer use it for your own purposes.
  • Be honest. Finally, always be as honest as possible during job interviews. You do not need to be brutally honest in such a way as to incriminate yourself, but you do need to give the facts straight when the employers ask for it during interviews. Honesty is one of the first signs of reformation, and most employers will credit you for being more honest.

After serving prison time and getting a criminal record, finding a job and moving on with your life may seem impossible. With these steps, however, you should be able to find a job and earn your money honestly even after a conviction.


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