How To Find Alternatives to Cable & Satellite Television

Most people consider having a cable or satellite TV subscription as a necessity. Besides, how can you watch your favorite TV series, newscast shows, or live sports telecast if you don’t have cable and satellite television? Sacrificing is not really necessary. Watching your favorite TV shows is still possible with the many alternatives to cable and satellite television. Learn about your other options and you might be surprised that you can enjoy all the goodness of television for free. Below are some of the many alternatives to cable and satellite television:

  • Antenna. Televisions were used to get channels through antenna before the cable TV became very popular. Using antenna is still an option especially if you are located somewhere that can get many channels. The only drawback is that some locations will feed “rainy” or “grainy” channels. It is still worth a try especially if you have a good location.
  • Watch shows online. Most of the television companies today have their online presence. Many of these upload and stream most of their TV shows at least the day after these were aired on TV. You may watch the shows late but at least, you save some dollars. Ads may still be on the streamed shows but you can always skip those ads. Plus, enjoy the benefit of watching the shows during your most convenient time.
  • Watch through Internet streaming. TV show fans, YouTube, and even special television websites record and upload TV shows. One of the most popular Internet streaming website of TV shows is Hulu. It is free of charge for those who want to watch limited and non-HD shows. HD shows and more choices will be yours with $10 per month. Another popular website is JustinTV. It is similar to YouTube only that people here are sharing TV show videos and home videos. If you’re lucky, you may find some users who broadcast their TV sets during live telecast of shows like sports or Hollywood awards night. Share TV is similar to Hulu, only that it’s not as popular, though it has more TV channels and shows.
  • Connect your computer to a TV or projector. You have a TV but don’t have a cable connection. If you have a computer with Internet connection, simply connect it to your TV or projector. Many modern computers and televisions today allow connection between the two machines. Instead of watching the shows on your monitor, you can watch the shows on your TV—with no extra charge for cable connection.
  • Buy DVDs. Many famous TV series today are on DVDs. Invest on DVDs if you are interested on following a certain TV series. You’ll not only save money on cable and satellite connection, you’ll get to watch the episodes on your own time, too.

Be clear on the reason why you want an alternative to cable and satellite television. Other alternatives may not provide similar quality. There are also channels like Discovery and HBO that don’t have alternatives to offer yet. But if you’re okay with that, then go on and forget about cable and satellite television. The world is already in a transition from television to computers. Soon, cable and satellite on TV will be as obsolete as landline telephones.


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