How To Find Design Ideas for a Shoe Rack

Do you often see your shoes sprawling all over your house? Are you surprised to find that some of them are under your bed? Well, that’s not a big deal. It may only mean two things. First, you really have a lot shoes. Or, second, you need to have some shoe racks. Of course, between the two possibilities, getting some shoe racks is simpler and easier to accomplish. And if you are serious about it, here are some ways on how you can find design ideas for a shoe rack:

  • Incorporate a shoe rack your closet organizer. Have you been toying the idea of rearranging your closet? Do you want to make everything more organized? Then, this is the best opportunity to add one important detail – your shoe rack. You can actually integrate it into your new design. Simply position your clothes rack a bit higher. The space below should be enough to accommodate your shoe rack. If you have a bigger space, you can even construct a shoe cabinet. That’s definitely better.
  • Position a shoe rack behind your door. The idea is to hang it there. But, of course, there are various ways to do it. First is by using garter straps. Get a pretty wide garter. Cut it into straps. Stick the straps to your door. Use the straps to hold your flip-flops and shoes in pairs. If sticking the garter straps is too tedious for you, you can fashion a crisscross. Be creative in doing it. Then, just shove your shoes there. Second is by sewing some sort of a shoe storage. Each slot should be enough to carry a pair of shoes. Of course, you can hang it just behind your door. It is more practical to shove there the shoes that you often use. That should allow you easy access.
  • Create a shoe rack that floats. Of course, “floating” here doesn’t mean “flying”. This requires you to make a special contraption that you can hang. Shape it like the letter “J”. Imagine the ones they use in a shoe store to display their stocks. This is suitable if you have a lot of sneakers or rubber shoes. Make sure that the space is enough to accommodate the thickness of your shoes. This literally allows you to showcase your shoe collection.
  • Construct a shoe bench. Yes, you have read it right. Don’t laugh. This is a serious idea. Think of a regular bench. Set up some dividers or compartments just below. Instead of pulling out a chair if you wish to put on your shoes, you can simply use your shoe bench. Sit on it, bend over, and then, wear your shoes. Nifty, right? If you don’t have the time to build your shoe bench, you can always rush to a nearby furniture shop. You are surely going to find a good piece there.

Organizing your shoes should never be a problem. And if you want to have fun doing it, rely on your imagination and creativity. At the end of the day, you don’t just solve your predicament. You also get the chance to impress your family and friends. They may even ask you to be their shoe rack expert!


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