How To Find Employment with Blackwater Security

Blackwater Security is an organization that ensures enforcement of the law and focuses on offering protection to VIPs. The Blackwater Security Consulting (BSC) that was formed in 2001 offers contractual employment to individuals. Hires are tasked to provide security to whoever avails of their services.

If this sounds like a challenging and interesting job that you would like to experience and take on, read the tips below on how you can join this prestigious organization.

  • Research on the organization. Try to know what Blackwater Security is. The Internet is the best tool to research on the basics of the organization, but of course, most of the important and classified information will not be made available to the public. Read as much information as you can before deciding if you really want to pursue a career in this track.
  • Know that the job entails. BSC is in need of determined and skilled individuals that can take on high risk jobs that may be assigned to them. Remember, more than your desire and passion for the job, you need to have the skills to fulfill your work. Applicants should be an effective team leader and team player. Physical fitness and endurance are a must. Unlike desk jobs, you may be required to work for more than 8 hours a day. Keep in mind that the assignments can be physically demanding, and injuries can be present. You need to be emotionally and mentally prepared to face danger as well.
  • Know your advantage. Previous law enforcement or military training is an advantage for this job. Applicants with these kinds of backgrounds are more likely considered for the job. If you are still planning to go to college and have decided to pursue a job with BSC, consider taking a degree in counterterrorism, as this will give you a big edge as well.
  • Get some experience related to the job. To become a part of the Blackwater Security, you need to get some experience in law enforcement or military field. An educational background on one of these two fields will do as well. But if you do not have both the educational and work background in either military and law enforcement, your chance of joining the Blackwater Security is very small. You need to know that BSC does not offer training facilities to its applicants, as the applicants are expected to be equipped with the knowledge and skills already. Look for some other organizations in your town that can offer you work related on law enforcement or military training. Invest some time getting experience before even trying to apply to be part of the Blackwater Security.
  • Be physically fit. Take care of your health, as you must be in good shape at all times. The assignments that might be given to you can be too physically demanding. Your background and training in the military can come in handy, but it is imperative that you maintain good health and fit body as well.
  • Send in your application. Prepare your resume. Make sure you detail your credentials, completed training, and achievements. Proofread your resume before sending over to BSC.

If you have a strong enough resume and backgrounds, all you need to do is sit back and wait for their call.

Being a part of the Blackwater Security demands commitment and hard work. Be sure you are prepared to give your best once you get in.


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