How To Find Lost Cell Phones

Cell phones are one of the greatest devices that man has ever invented. It is an almost complete package that combines the telephone, the computer, the alarm clock, the flashlight, the diary, the calculator, the camera, the radio, the video camera and so much more in one small device. A very small and handy device that is quite mobile built and designed for a life that is always on the go. The design size is so compact that it is both a boon and a bane.

The phone’s small size makes it easy to bring and handle but it also makes it easy to lose. There are many ways and places where you can lose your cell phone. For example it can slip out of your bag while riding the cab, the train, the bus, the plane or it can be even easily snatched from your bag at the gym, in the mall, or even at work. The cell phones unique look designed for comfort is also a major pit fall. But you need not worry; here are some tips on how to find lost cell phones.

  • Hello? Are you there? Now, this first tip might sound weird and kooky at first glance but there is merit to this action. What you must do is get another phone. Dial your cell phone number. If the phone rings in a place near you, you are in luck. That means the phone is just misplaced in your own home. There are times that people are caught in the moment or in the fear of losing one’s phone that is why they tend to let go of some common sense and logic. So the next time you feel that your phone is missing, take a deep breath get another phone and dial your cell phone number. The missing cell phone might be just a misplace cell phone.
  • Go online. There will be people who will always lose their cool and their calm when they feel that their cell phone is missing. This causes people to forget. Forget to use another phone to dial up the missing cell phone. But this is the reason why there are other options to call your phone. Like the website This is a handy website that allows you to make phone calls using your computer.
  • Analog search. You can search for your cell phone using another phone and a computer. But you can also do it the old way, searching using your eyes. Let go of the stress and try to rethink and retrace the steps that you took. Once you have a clear recollection of where you have been prior to the cell phone loss, go back. Go back slowly and look thoroughly. Remember to remain calm and patient at all times. Being flustered and being hot headed will only lead you to further frustration.
  • More tracking techniques. If digital searches and manual hunt does not work, you can call your mobile network provider and inquire where the last call was made. This will give you an idea where you last used your phone or where the phone is currently situated. GPS services will also help you it in this task. So go online and read about GPS to learn more about it.

Cell phones are created to put convenience in the palm of your hand and as an adverse result its mobility makes you lose a lot of things with the loss of your cell phone. But worry not you can always take care and you can always try the tips in finding your cell phone.


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