How To Find One Way Cargo Van Rentals

For some, moving to a new place is a life-changing event. Planning for the move is necessary months before the actual moving day. Yes, it will be a long preparation. Just imagine how many things you have to pack and how many subscriptions that you have to cut and reconnect. Finding a cargo van rental is just a piece of cake compared to the other moving things-to-dos. However, it is still as important as other things you need to do for a successful moving. The search will be more challenging especially that you want a one-way cargo van rental.

A one-way cargo van rental will reduce the hassle of driving the van back to the company. Instead, you’ll just leave it in the nearest branch of the company. This is a good choice especially if you want to save time and reduce possible stress from all the pressures of moving. Below are some tips on how to find the best one-way cargo van rental:

  • Check its available locations. You need a cargo van rental that can be picked up within your current location and can be left within your moving destination. Expect, however, that most companies will only offer one-way cargo van rentals within a state. State-to-state moving will not be allowed for a one-way rental, unless for bigger vehicles like trucks. It will be wiser to check rental companies that provide rental services within a larger scope. Try U-Haul, Budget, and Enterprise. They provide services in various states. You’ll find better luck with them than with other local rental companies. But if you’re moving local, then consider local companies because they tend to offer cheaper rates.
  • Consider the rate. Different rental companies have various ways of computing rental rates. Some will charge per day while others will charge per mile. It’s up to you to determine which is a better deal in terms of the rate. Ask also the company for other charges like the weight of your cargo and the route of your travel. Consider whether the gasoline will be charged against you or not. Most companies will release cargo van rentals with full-tank gasoline. The renter should return the van with full-tank gasoline, too.
  • Seek for recommendations. Ask people that you personally know for their recommended one-way cargo van rental. They’ll give you practical tips for finding the best cargo van rental. Online forums will be helpful also. Visit pages that are dedicated to moving. You’ll be surprised of how many replies you’ll get from those who have experienced using one-way cargo van rentals.
  • Find the best one-way cargo van rental as early as now. One-way cargo vans are in-demand and only few companies offer these for state-to-state move. Even for local moves, still consider reserving a cargo van rental early. It’s also important to make sure that your reservation will be honored. You don’t want to deal with a company having a reputation of canceling reservations for unacceptable reasons.

Renting a one-way cargo van is just one of the many options to transport your things. If in case you can’t find a one-way cargo van, better consider renting a bigger vehicle or other ways of moving your stuffs. In some cases, it is more cost-efficient and comfortable if you ship your things and pick those up when you already can.


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