How To Find Replacement Parts for your Haulmark Trailer

Adding more space to your vehicle is easy with a trailer. Simply hook this to your vehicle and you’re ready to deliver more things on the road. Although unpowered, trailers should still be dependable and durable. You made the right choice when you preferred using a Haulmark trailer. It is one of the most competitive trailer brands in the market. Though dependable, Haulmark trailers are not invincible. Like now, you need to find a replacement part for it. Where and how will you find the right replacement part? Don’t worry because the following will guide you through that.

  • Contact the dealer. Where did you buy the Haulmark trailer? They are the ones to contact whenever something goes wrong with the trailer or if you need a replacement part. You’ll have more chance of finding the right parts replacement from them. If you’re lucky, you can get the part immediately. But most of the times, dealers will have to order the part from Haulmark company. A week or more of waiting is needed. The price may not be as cheap as other options but at least, you sure can find the perfect match for your needs.
  • Visit local trailer parts stores. Auto parts stores usually offer parts of trailers, too. One of your local stores might have your needed Haulmark replacement part. Call the store or visit them. If the dealer can’t find the replacement part, maybe they can. Or if you’re fortunate, maybe they have an old stock of that part and sell it to you at cheaper price.
  • Order the part from Haulmark. Visiting the Haulmark website may not be that helpful. The company does not display their replacement parts online. Only trailers are available for sale on their website. But you can get more information about the company and its offerings by visiting their website. You may give them a phone call at 866-816-9314 and ask for the specific part that you are looking for. Write them letter of request for you needed replacement part and send it to Haulmark Parts, 1503 W. Bristol St., Elkhart IN 46514. You may also email their Parts Department at [email protected]
  • Online replacement parts stores. Try your luck by shopping at online replacement parts stores. They offer replacement parts for different brands and makes of vehicles. Visit AutoMotix and use their search engine when looking for the Haulmark part. They sell replacement parts for different vehicles so don’t expect that they specialize on trailers. EasternMarine specialize on selling trailer parts. They have been in the market since 1981 to sell parts for RVs, boats, and utility trailers. Trailers For Less sells trailers and trailer replacement parts. Best of all, you can get these parts at their best price—and that’s guaranteed.

With all the ways above, it’s impossible that you can’t find the perfect replacement part for your Haulmark trailer. But if that impossible happens, then consider using parts that are compatible to your trailer. Other brands may work similar to the original Haulmark parts. If still no luck, then your last resort is to make your own replacement part or hire someone to make that for you. The important thing is that you’ll find the best and safest replacement part for you trailer and make it working like brand new again.


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