How To Find Single Mothers Grants

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Being a parent is a big responsibility. Imagine being a single parent, which means having most if not all the responsibility by yourself. It is even more difficult to be a single mother, because as a woman you are expected to take care of you kids and raise them well. If you are a single mother, then you know first-hand the difficulties of raising children alone. You have to work and take care of the kids, keep the house and make sure that everything is done. When your child gets sick, you might need to call in sick for work too. Your goal of getting a better job to be able to provide better for your family also is suspect to the different emergencies that a single parent has no help in facing.

According to a study done by the government entitled “Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support: 2007”, there are almost 14 million single parents across the United States. Out of this number, 83% are female, and 17% are male. This means there are about 11,620,000 or more than 11 million single mothers compared to only more than 2 million single fathers. With this astounding percentage, you would think that there might be some form of assistance or grant for single mothers. Technically, there is no specific funding, but single mothers should not despair. There are ways and means to get the assistance that you need. You can take the following steps:

  • Make a plan. First be clear what you need the financial assistance for. Is it for daily living? Food? Medicine? Further studies? More often than not, single mothers need all the help that they can get, in many aspects. However, you cannot just go asking for financial aid just because you are a single mother. To strengthen your case, you can write down all the reasons that you need and will be using the aid for. This will also help you focus where to look for grants, and how to structure your requests. Make a separate list for your domestic needs, scholarship needs, housing needs, etc. Then you can write down separately the different agencies you can go to under those headings.
  • Research in your local community. Be updated with the social services being offered where you live. Also, you can look up local chapters of non-profit organizations and advocacy groups that are geared towards helping single parents, better communities, family development, etc.
  • Research on the web. If you have exhausted all possible resources within your immediate area, then it is time for you to go to the web to look for opportunities. Take note of their physical addresses, their advocacies and how they might be willing to help you. Some helpful sites are:
  • Write a letter. It can be an email or a traditional letter, what is important is that you make your request formally. The letter would able you to make your case. Of course you will be appearing in person ideally, but a letter shows your sincerity and the extent by which you have thought this through.

You are entitled to government projects and efforts so do not hesitate in claiming government help. It is all about efficiency and what can make your life better. Collect food stamps and call your Department of Human Services.


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