How To Fix your Slow Computer in Less than an Hour

The main reason why we all use our computers is to be able to accomplish things in a quick and efficient way. We expect our system to serve as whenever we find it necessary and be in perfect working condition at all times. Although computers are made to be this way, it is not really as perfect as we wish it would be. One problem you may encounter is the system slowing down on you. This can be very irritating especially if you need to get things done immediately. There is no need to lose hope because there are things you can do to get that computer running back at its regular speed and get it done quickly too. Here are some suggestions that you can make use of.

  • How to handle a faulty registry. One of the most common reasons why your computer would slow down and which you may not be aware of is a faulty registry. Windows computers work on a database that is centered on a registry. As you install or uninstall programs, do your downloading, or viruses and spyware entering into your system can totally slow it down. Other symptoms that point out to a faulty registry are frequent system crashes or the sluggish loading of your programs. When this happens, merely cleaning it up and checking on its errors can easily solve the problem. One way to do it is by simply downloading a registry scanner software and allowing it to do its work on your computer’s registry.
  • How to handle viruses and spyware. As much as everyone hates it and fears  it from happening, viruses can infiltrate your computer and cause it to slow down, aside from the other headaches they give. If you wonder where they are coming from, do not be surprised to know that by simply browsing, you may be inviting these unwanted visitors into your system. The best solution is to get yourself a good anti-virus software to protect your computer completely. That way, no matter where you surf, and for as long as it is running, this particular software will stop viruses and other dangerous elements from corrupting your computer and slowing it down, or worse, damaging it completely.
  • Taking care of a system that has run out of memory space. Another problem that needs solving and could also be the cause of a slowed-down computer is when it has a full memory. There are certain types of programs or other application that tend to occupy too much space on the computer’s memory. A quick solution is to take a good look at those applications that are unnecessary and get them out of the system to give space for more important ones. Make use of your system and registry scanner to perform this task for you.

Learning how to trouble-shoot can save you a lot of good money and does not need to take up too much of your time. You simply need a bit of know-how and a little bit of patience and you can get that system running to your satisfaction sooner than you expected.


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