How To Get Chunky Highlights in Your Hair

Highlights can give your hair the extra distinction that will enhance your overall attractiveness. You can even sport the chunky style that will let large locks of your hair highlighted for a different look.

Here are the steps to getting chunky highlights in your hair.

  • Avoid washing your hair a full day before highlighting it. The natural oil build-up on your scalp will protect it from any harsh chemicals from the highlight solution.
  • Assemble your supplies. You will need a highlight formula, a tint brush and several towels. Decide on a color that appeals to you, as well as being three shades lighter than your natural hair color. Remember, you will be sporting this color for the next few months.
  • Prepare your work area. You will make a lot of mess working with the highlight solution, so work over a sink or tub and prepare to wipe away the mess with the towels.
  • Follow the directions of the highlight solution. Each brand works differently. If your solution is too thick, your highlight will come out uneven. If it's too thin, the highlight will be too faded to be noticed.
  • Style your hair normally and select areas you want to be treated. Mark these areas with a hairpin or hairclip. The usual sections are the bangs and sides of your head. Use fashion and beauty magazines featuring highlights for inspiration on the style you want. You can select uneven batches of hair for a perky look.
  • Work with large clumps of hair. Start from the roots all the way to the tip. Note that the longer you leave on the solution, the greater the color change will occur. However, do not let the solution stay in your hair for more than half an hour or risk damaging it considerably. Clean yourself off and everything around you afterwards once you are finished. If possible, have a friend apply it for you to make sure the solution is applied properly all around your head.
  • Consider going to a hair salon. If you are unsure on how to highlight your hair yourself, visit a professional who knows how to customize the procedure for each customer. Make sure to describe to her the style you want and bring images of highlighting samples to help her visualize. Besides the traditional bleaching approach, these professionals can opt to use a frosting cap or foil to add vibrancy to your hair.
  • Consider going for lowlights. Lowlighting is done on the hair ends and uses gentle chemicals, which don’t use ammonia. It works best if your hair has a light color, with the lowlight color being three times darker than your natural hair color.

Avoid changing your highlights too much or you may gradually damage your hair, requiring you to cut it and grow out a new one. Whether you choose a natural highlight close to your own hair color or a synthetic one that reflects your unconventional personality, enjoy your newly tinted hair!


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