How To Get Maximum Height from Your Motocross Bike

Achieving great heights while riding your motocross bike gives you a different sort of high, pun intended. In competitions, the higher a bike soars into the air, the more merit is given to the rider. If you are having a hard time clearing a particular jump in competition or simply want to try to soar high through a ramp, the tips listed below should help you accomplish your goal. Be sure you have all of your safety gear in place when you do attempt the high jumps.

  • Check the condition of your bike first. Before you hop on your bike and ride it into the track, double-check your equipment to make sure all items are in place. Inspect the bike for defects especially in the springs section. Do not go riding with a malfunctioning bike.
  • Put all of your body weight at the rear end of your bike. When you reach the ramp that you want to clear as high as you can, put all of your body weight at the back of the bike, where you have your bike’s seat. Place your body as close as possible to the rest of the bike and weigh yourself down. This weight will compress the body of the bike, as well as its springs, which will result in a higher bounce when you decide to let go of it midway into the jump. Rising too early will preempt the jump and will result in a flat clearing.
  • Compress the bike’s seat into the tire. When you are putting your weight into the seat, center all of your body weight so that it sits squarely on the seat. An unbalanced seating arrangement will cause you to fall out of the jump. Keep your body centered and be in full control of your movements. A crouched position on the bike’s seat will pump up the shocks and springs of your bike, which will help propel you higher into the air later.
  • Pull your body straight as the bike rides upwards. As you approach your jump, pull your body straight up, stand on the foot rests and stretch your body, which will also pull up the rest of your bike. The springing action when you let go of the bike’s seat will help you gain more height and speed into the jump.
  • Propel your body further during the jump. Follow through the action with a forward lunging movement, to help you move forward. Carry your bike’s full weight forward through the handlebars. Ensure a safe landing and then ride back to try the jump again.
  • Observe how other riders jump their bikes. To learn more on how you can do this, observe the seasoned bikers on how they make their jumps look higher. You can also check other online resources on how to achieve this feat.

Remember that safety should always be your number one concern so before you start dreaming of clearing your ramp in a competition, make sure you have all of your equipment in top condition. Now go ahead, ride, and have fun!


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