How To Get Permanent Eye Makeup

Getting permanent eye makeup makes it easier for you to “put on your face” anytime you need to get out of the house in a rush for work, a date, or an important engagement but the question is if this is a cosmetic procedure that is right for you. Here are some suggestions to help you get permanent eye makeup the proper way.

  • Ask a professional cosmetologist. To be precise, you need to ask a professional cosmetologist about micropigmentation, which is what the procedure is exactly called. Ask her about the pros and cons. Getting micropigmentation for permanent eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyelashes can last for up to ten years so that’s one thing you need to consider. Are you sure you’d want to be stuck with the same look or color for years to come? Another reality you have to deal with is that once it’s done, you cannot go back to undo it until it’s well past the time it’s supposed to naturally fade in time. Get the advice of your cosmetologist before you go ahead with this plan.
  • Read about it online. You have to know what other women think about this. Pay attention to those whose post deal with the result of getting permanent eye makeup. There is nothing more reliable than honest testimonials from women on message boards and chat rooms.
  • Go to your dermatologist. You need to consult your dermatologist about getting this procedure especially if you often have allergies, skin eruptions, and if you are on topical medication. You need your dermatologist’s nod on this before moving forward. Another advantage to speaking with your dermatologist is that you can get recommendations from her about reputable and professional cosmetologists working in your location.
  • Set a consultation date. Once you have a cosmetologist in mind, give her a call and ask for a consultation date. You need to be comfortable around this person and you can only know for certain that she is “it” when you start to meet in person and discuss. Ask your questions freely and make sure you are satisfied with the answers. When you have doubts, go to another cosmetologist from your list.
  • Make sure you can cover the fees. Get ready to spend a minimum of $250 for professional fee alone. On the whole, you will definitely thousands of dollars for a permanent eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyelashes.
  • Choose the products well. You have to make sure that the products used on you are FDA-approved. Further, it must be a brand you are familiar with. Do your research as soon as you have the list of the products that will be used on you.
  • Go to your scheduled date barefaced. Once you have the date pinned for the procedure, go to the clinic or salon without any makeup or moisturizer on your face because this might cause bad reaction with the products used on you. Wash your face with mild soap and water and go to your appointed time.
  • Allow some time to get used to the look. The colors will come out darker than you expect. Don’t throw a fit just yet. This will fade and settle to the color you prefer in a couple of days. Wear sunglasses when you’re out in the sun after your procedure.

Expect to feel a bit sore in the eye area after getting this procedure. This will pass in due time.


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