How To Get Private School Grants

If you want to study in a private school but could not afford it, what do you do? If you are a student, you can always look for a part-time job to augment your finances, but that might just be enough for your everyday expenses. If you are a parent, you can get a sideline to come up with more dough. Or you can get a private school grant.

A private school grant is a way for you to afford studying a private school. It can come from different sources, from full to partial coverage. No matter how much it is it would still help alleviate the cost of studying in a private school.

If you want to get a private school grant, check this guide list:

  • Contact the private schools you are considering. Contact their financial aid offices and ask what are the scholarships, grants, and financial aids they might have.
  • Check for sibling grants. Schools usually have a special rate when you enroll more than one kid in their school. This might take the form of discounted tuition fee for the second kid, or discounted percentage package. If you have more than one kid, check if the private school has a special rate for enrolling more than one child.
  • Research on merit-based grants. Assess your kid’s academic abilities and array of skills and talent. Usually, children with exceptional academic ability, special skills or shows extraordinary talent can get grants. This is for their achievements in academics or their potential and promise in other fields (like music, the arts, or sports). Make sure you have all necessary documents and proof like awards, school records, and certificates to show your child’s achievements.
  • Try for government grants. Oftentimes the government has grants to individuals or private schools to enable those who need financial help attend the private schools. The amount of the grant may vary depending on where you apply, you family’s income, the cost of tuition fee, etc. Prepare all necessary documents for applying for government grants. Try as they have a list of all the grants made available by the government.
  • Look into private school scholarship programs. You can check the Internet for private school scholarship programs. There are many non-profit organizations that offer financial aid to help disadvantaged students to enroll in private schools. Visit the website You can also try: and

Remember that when you are looking for grants and other sources of aid for the private school always keep moving and submitting applications to all possible openings. Do not wait too long for one, nor put your hopes on just one. By applying for grants to all possible sources you are increasing your chances of getting it. Also, you might want to write a letter indicating your situation. Do not be overdramatic. Keep it formal. What you want is to just show a glimpse of you as a parent and your child’s ability. It will humanize your application and might catch the attention of someone at the approving end.


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