How To Get Private School Scholarships

Private schools offer students with hands on training and rigorous coursework to prepare them in the real world. Because of this, it wouldn’t be surprising if parents dream of enrolling their child to a private elementary, high school, or college. Money, however, is a common problem for parents as private schools are more expensive than public schools.

A way that parents can put their child in a private school is to get a scholarship for their child. Private schools are more than willing to assist children who excel academically and / or who are doing quite well in art, music, or sports. Here are the steps in acquiring a private school scholarship:

  • Discuss the scholarship with your child. Getting a private school scholarship involves effort from you and your child: you helping your child in getting the necessary documents, and your child maintaining good grades and behavior, and trying to stay active in school. Because of this, you need to ensure that your child knows the importance of acquiring a scholarship. Talk with your child the benefits of studying in a private school and, at the same time, hear his opinions about it.
  • Inquire private schools about their scholarship programs. Call the private schools you and your child are targeting to get into to ask about the scholarships they’re offering. Ask the schools their minimum academic requirements and the documents that you need to apply for a scholarship program. Also, don’t forget to ask when is the deadline for filing all the documents needed for the scholarship application.
  • Search for organizations that provide scholarship. There are several organizations that give scholarships to deserving children. Ask around your community for these organizations. You can also search the Internet for them and get their contact numbers so that you can talk to them directly about the scholarships they’re giving. Some organizations like Academic Management Services gives monthly interest-free payment options to children who are studying at member schools.
  • Talk with the guidance counselor of your child’s current school. Part of the job of school guidance counselors is to help children in getting into the school of their choice. More often than not, they are familiar with several organizations that provide school scholarships or payment plans. Make an appointment with the guidance counselor of your child’s current school to discuss with him your plan of putting your child into a private school. Aside from asking the guidance counselor about school scholarships, ask him also about tips on increasing your child’s chances of getting chosen in a scholarship program.
  • Submit the requirements on time. Make sure to pass all the scholarship requirements on or before the deadline. Part of the process of choosing the children to whom scholarship will be granted is timely submission. Failing to pass the requirements on time reflects irresponsibility and disrespect for deadlines. These are a big minus points. Remember that competition for scholarship is stiff. Organizations wouldn’t be sitting around waiting for your submission. They would get another child for their scholarship grant. If this happens, you and your child’s efforts will go to waste.

Don’t get frustrated if your child doesn’t get a scholarship. Not getting into a private school is not the end of the world. Private schools might be able to attend closely to your child’s academic needs, but in the end what matters most is how your child works hard to improve himself.


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