How To Get the Best Value Out of Air Miles

Traveling is a luxury that everyone should enjoy at one point during your entire lifetime. Since the operative word here is “luxury” you are inclined to think big bucks off your savings account. Not so. Sometimes, all you need is strategy. One strategy you can employ is adding up on air miles that you get to fly for free. Here are some suggestions on getting the most value out of air miles to enjoy travelling in luxury without touching your savings.

  • Look at the perks offered by your credit cards. Credit cards are big on air miles. Look into ongoing promotions that you can avail of and enroll your credit card right away! Some of the ways you can earn points for air miles would be:
    • Spending a minimum amount on electronic purchases on partner stores.
    • Rebates that you can divert to air mile points.
    • Building points from seat reservations on your flights.
    • Food purchases from partner establishments.

    These are just some of the promotions offered to hike up your air mile points.

  • Make a list of the best airline promotions. Airlines compete for passengers so you can bet your bottom dollar that you have a bevy of buffet promos that you can pick and choose from. You need to be very good at comparing. Do not just rely on what you see on airline websites. Get on the phone and call to make clarifications. One more thing: always read the fine print before signing up. Look for privileges like seat upgrades to first or business class, use of the VIP lounge, priority luggage, and free seats when booking flights.
  • Stock up on prepaid flier miles. This is probably one of the best ways to collect the best value out of air miles. When you purchase prepaid cards, you have the option of purchasing that which can give you perks instantly. For example, if you buy a prepaid card for that offers 240% if you fly business class, automatically you can enjoy perks equivalent to that on your return flight or in some cases, the moment you book your first flight using your prepaid card.
  • Calculate your miles in monetary terms. How much does it cost to fly from point of origin to your point of destination? Take that number and divide it by the number of miles covered by the flight. For example, if you spend $400 on a flight to Florida and the flight covers 2000 miles, divide these numbers to get the cost of each mile. You will get 0.2. This is the value of each mile that you earn when you fly. This value will come to mean something big when you have to book something real quick and the ticket costs double the amount, you’ll see.
  • Be smart when using air miles. You have to book way ahead when you plan to fly on holidays and weekends especially when you plan to use your air miles. However you must keep in mind that the most value you can get with your miles is to use it when airlines are off-peak and the demand is low. At this time, you can score more points because this is when they offer more because the demand is low.

It won’t hurt to ask your airline of choice to grant your request especially if you earned enough points to merit it. So go ahead, you deserve to fly!


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