How To Get Your California Contractor License

To some, working for a boss is a professional setup that they are not accustomed to. Most of those who choose not to work under a company setup are usually the gifted, talented and skilled ones. Their skills set and offerings are that good that they reel in clients with their own name and craft. These people have the privilege of controlling their own time holding their life’s schedule at their own hands.

Having control over your own schedule is one of the many envious luxuries these talented people have. The truth of the matter is that you can gain control of your own schedule. You can be as skilled as these workers with the right training, practice and attitude. On top of your skill set a free lance worker also needs a license; here are some tips on how to get your California contractor license.

  • License selection. To strike out on your own, you must know where you are going. And part of knowing where to go, is knowing the type of license you will need to ply your trade as a freelance player. The license types and class is unique per state. It varies greatly or minimally. Remember each state calls for different requirements. Get in touch with the State Contractor Licensing Board or the CSLB for questions. Do not be shy in asking questions. Asking can lead to an easier and smoother transaction or dialogue whatever the case may be.
  • Take the test. After inquiries for the requirements and prerequisites, you are set to take the next step. The next step is to put a date on the calendar for the exam. In majority of the states, the applicant, you, is required to take the trade and business law examination. The contractor’s license will be yours upon passing this particular test. Examination dates in various states can be viewed in the CSLB site. So be sure to always visit the site and check the listings.
  • Making the grade. Upon taking of the examination, you should be on the lookout if you passed the test. When the results are released, immediately check if you made the grade. A passing mark in your exam gives you a good one year to apply. With a passing score, quickly apply for a license.
  • Prove yourself. After proving yourself at the examinations, you have to prove yourself just a bit to get your contractor’s license. All you need is a high school diploma, proof of citizenship, two passport-sized photos and other documentation that shows residency in your own state. Just gather these few requirements and you will be almost all set for your license. When your requirements are complete attach all documents and then submit!
  • Go to the FBI? When your application is approved you will receive a package. The package contains three copies of the Request for Live Scan Service Form or BCII 8016. The instructions will also be included. Simply follow the instructions to avoid confusion.

And that is how you get a contractor’s license. If you follow the instructions, the process will be nice and easy.


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