How To Get your Crane Operator License

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One of the more stable and well-paying jobs today is becoming a crane operator. Basically, these professionals work in construction sites or are a part of engineering jobs which entail hauling up and moving heavy weights including materials for building, tools, and various types of equipment. All these are done with the use of various types of cranes such as mobile cranes, overhead cranes, or lorry loaders. Both the music industry and media may also require the services of crane operators. The work normally follows a Monday to Friday schedule and also opens up opportunities to earn more with overtime and weekend jobs. There are also contracts that are made for part-time workers. The special skills of a crane operator are always in great demand in various parts of the world. To be able to practice this profession however, you may be required a license or a certification in certain states. The license is a compulsory requirement of the government before any individual can be allowed to work as a crane operator and handle this type of equipment. A crane operator certification on the other hand can be issued to individuals who have successfully completed a course and acquired specific knowledge and skills, by a non-government agency. To acquire a crane operator license, here are some guidelines to follow.

  • Minimum requirements. An individual who is interested in working as a crane operator must be at least 18 years of age, in good physical health and must be free from substance abuse. You must then enroll with the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators.
  • Exams. Once registered with the NCCCO, you will be required to take a general written test. The NCCCO is able to give you a study guide is you request for one. Once done, take a specialty exam. There are 4 particular areas in the specialty exam where you can gain certification. To get your certification, you must be able to pass one of these areas, along with passing your general exam. After this, you will need to take the practical exam. This is a test of your capability and skills in the operation of the three different kinds of cranes.
  • Recertification procedure. The certification you acquired will be valid for a period of 5 years after which you will have to take another written exam with the NCCCO, meet up with the requirements for physical fitness and perform a check on substance abuse.
  • Licensing. To get your license, a special examination is required. You will need take the appropriate training program needed and you must also have gained experience on the job as well. There are several administrative procedures and other information with regards to crane operator licensing that you must look into. There are 6 cities and 18 states that require a license for a crane operator to practice. This means that you must regularly check their specific requirements by visiting their sites or that of the NCCCO to obtain all the necessary information you need.

The best step to take in order to get a license would be to finish your certification program and go through the complete training course from a recognized institution first. Also make sure that you are able to renew your license when necessary to give you better job opportunities and higher wages in your chosen profession.


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