How To Grow a Moss Garden

When it comes to working on your garden—the stranger the plants, the more beautiful they can be. Sometimes, a lack of order in a garden is exactly what it needs to look wonderfully free and attractive, and this is why so many people often look to gardening to relieve stress. You can do practically anything to your garden (anything that a gardener with a green thumb can do at least) and it will still end up looking beautiful, as what is ridiculous to some is often strange and wondrous to others. A perfect example of this would be a little area in your garden (or even your whole garden) growing nothing but moss. Many people do not even give it any thought, but when there is enough moss growing, there is something simple and attractive about it. In fact some would even say that a moss garden is beautiful.

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to grow a moss garden as well. For one, you do not have to take care of it as much as you do other plants in your garden. So long as the moss is growing in an area that is not hit by too much sunlight, it will be just fine. Another reason is that moss can live for a very long time—you do not have to worry about moss dying out anytime soon. So if you are interested in growing your own moss garden, then simply continue reading as this article provides a step-by-step process to doing exactly that, and all you really need is the willingness to get the job done.

  • Collect the right amount of moss you will need. This can be the most tedious part of the process, as moss is often difficult to find (many gardening stores do not have them in stock). However, you can find some on your own by looking around in damp forests and the like. Chances are you will not have to resort to that; you simply need to ask around in your local nurseries and gather information on who can provide you with moss.
  • Apply the moss on your garden. Once you have enough moss to get the job done, you need to prepare the soil for it. Remove any kind of debris (small rocks and the like), and make sure to press on the soil firmly, as unlike most plants, moss tend to grow easier on hard and firm soil or other kinds of solid surfaces. Speaking of other surfaces, moss is also fully capable of growing on rocks or anything else you may have around the garden that isn’t soil. All you have to do is wipe some mud around the surface and apply the moss to it. Planting moss is not difficult, and you will be finished before you know it.
  • Remember to keep it in the shade! Though moss can tolerate quite a bit of sunlight, it grows best under the shade. So look around for the best places you can plant your moss in—you can even divide it into little areas to give your garden that old, mysterious touch.

And you are done planting all of the moss in your garden. Afterwards, just let these fascinating plants do their work, and you will have a wonderfully natural moss garden in no time.


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