How To Guess WWE Wrestlemania Match Winners

The annual WrestleMania event is produced by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). It is the most anticipated event in professional wrestling and usually happens around late March or early April. Every year, the biggest names in professional wrestling gather in one stadium where thousands of fans come together to witness several matches.

If you are a wrestling fan and you want to place a bet on some of the matches, here is how you can predict the winners.

  • Watch WWE matches even before WrestleMania. This will help you get to know the wrestlers better. Not only will this give you an overview of their techniques and skills, but you will also understand the story behind the matches. And as in any story, there is always the good guy and the bad guy. In the end, it is very likely for the good wrestler to triumph against the evil wrestler. The bad guy certainly cannot have that much good karma, especially if he has been winning a couple of fights earlier in the season.
  • Celebrities almost always win. WrestleMania welcomes celebrities to their matches. These celebrities may be from the field of sports, such as Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather Jr. from boxing; Hollywood actors like Freddie Prince Jr., or it can be a big name in business such as Donald Trump. Their involvement in the matches varies, but celebrities often team up with a wrestler to fight an opponent. This participation causes a lot of stir, publicity, and of course, more money for WrestleMania. As a form of appreciation for the celebrities who take part to this event, the wrestlers they team up with will almost always win the match.
  • Do not underestimate the underdogs. A wrestler may have been the underdog the entire season, but this does not mean he cannot shine in WrestleMania. Often, the twist happens in this big event, when an underdog wins the match.
  • Study the history. Get to know the past title holders and the existing feuds between wrestlers. Watch the vintage WrestleMania videos since the producers may be inspired by past matches that the crowd really loved, even if they were recorded back in 1987.
  • Conduct research online. There are hundreds of threads and websites you can visit to read reviews and rumors. Some are very credible sites. Take note of the match schedules and the wrestlers per match to see the odds better. There are also various betting statistics that you can find to help you make a guided bet. You can ask fellow WrestleMania fans online or even your close friends who they think will win the upcoming matches. Listen to their arguments well and see if any of it makes sense.

WrestleMania goes back a few decades and there are recurring themes in every event. There is always a surprise waiting to happen, a highly anticipated match of rival players and almost always, the underdog for the season gets a huge win. Keep these in mind when you place your bet or wager for a particular outcome. Keep your eyes out for upcoming news of injuries or planned retirements so that you are always in the loop with what is the latest with the players.


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