How To Help Your Friend Overcome Meth Abuse

Methamphetamine, commonly known as meth, is considered a stimulant from the phenethylamine and amphetamine line of drugs. It can induce heightened senses of alertness, concentration and vigor. When taken in large amounts, meth can bring about a feeling of ecstasy and increased sexual energy. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves the commercialization of the said drug. It is locally marketed in the US and Canada with the brand name Desoxyn.

Many, however, would be easily addicted to meth since it releases several kinds of neurotransmitters that could affect the brain through a false impression of euphoria. This addiction is obviously detrimental to the nervous system and can cause cardiovascular damage. It is very important to stop addiction in its tracks so you must stop it in its early stages when the harmful side effects haven’t set in yet. You may be able to save a friend’s life. If you think your friend is hitting on meth, stand up and take action!

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when such a situation arises.

  • Observe and investigate. Closely examine your friend’s actions and see if he is falling into the path of addiction. Learn to know the symptoms and signs of meth addiction. Consult expert physicians on the field regarding such queries. Check your friend’s daily habits and routine and look for suspicious actions linked with drug abuse. Detect the problem as early as possible so that your friend can easily recuperate from the damage brought about by meth addiction.
  • Assist him to confront the problem. Your friend, who is possibly undergoing his early stages of meth abuse, often will deny his current situation and use other effective defense mechanisms. Don’t deal with him in such a harsh and uncomfortable manner. Take it slowly since denial comes with strong emotions. Offer help and say that you’ll be there for him no matter what.     
  • Ask for outside help. Get help from his relatives and other close friends or acquaintances. Let your friend feel that you care about his situation and that you are all there to support him in battling meth addiction.  Intervene when you think that he is already falling for the trap. Remember to not overact and panic for this can lead to accidents and other unnecessary events.
  • Consult medical experts. Encourage your friend to seek medical assistance. There are experts and professionals who could provide effective counseling for the patient. Let him understand that he would not be harmed nor humiliated. This could hasten the process and make him quit meth abuse much faster. Also when facing advanced meth addicts, it is necessary to ask these professionals for help.
  • Be realistic. Recovery from meth addiction requires a lot of courage and will power. It is not a one step process where your friend instantly dissolves any trace of abuse. It is an ongoing pursuit for a better life, sometimes even longer than expected. However, the end result more than makes up for the process.

Always lend a helping hand to your friend who you suspect has a meth addiction. Be supportive and strong. Ask the help of your family, friends and the society, in order to bring your friend’s healthy life back to him.  


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