How To Keep Cats Out of your Garden

There are many reasons why you want to keep stray cats out of your garden. They can ruin the landscaping by eating your delicate plants. Annoying cat litter can literally make you vomit and lose your appetite. Stray cats also use your flowerbeds as cat litter and flatten out those beautiful buds that have grown. You do not have to spend time shooing them away. You can learn a few tricks to keep those stray cats away.

  • Have a pet dog or even a pet cat. Dogs normally do not like cats and enjoy chasing them away. Aside from that, outside dogs protect your house from other intruders like raccoons. It is the stray cats that litter around that you do not want. You can have a male pet cat too. Cats are territorial and their scent in your garden should keep away other cats.
  • Cover your trash bins. Stray cats look for any food they can feast on. They literally go through your trash. Secure your trash bins and immediately throw away your own pet’s food if they do not finish it. Do not leave leftovers in your garden. Stray cats will notice this and keep coming back for more.
  • Purchase commercial cat repellents or make your own. You can easily find several brands of cat repellents. These cat repellents come in powder form and are safe for your plants. You can sprinkle them in the boundaries of your garden. They contain the urine scent of predators like the coyote, the bobcat and the fox that stray cats fear. Keep a few in stock so when the scent wears out, or snow covers your garden, you can sprinkle some more. You can also make your own concoctions at home. After you enjoy a cup of brewed coffee, use the coffee granules and sprinkle it around your garden. Cayenne pepper wards off stray cats if mixed with crushed garlic, lemon, cinnamon and sugar. Another mixture is rosemary essential oil with some water. Your garden will also smell good. There are several concoctions you can try and since most of the ingredients are food, it is safe for children running around your garden. They are just as effective as the commercial cat repellents but require more time and effort from you.
  • Install chicken wires or electric wires around your garden. It can be a bit costly, but it reinforces keeping stray cats away. Have professional install this too. They can give you tips on how to install it in your garden without affecting the beauty of the landscape.
  • Grow plants that cats do not like. Cats do not like the scent of lavender, pennyroyal and rue. A more effective plant is commonly called “scardy cat plant,” or Coleus canina. Include these when you do your landscaping to help ward off stray cats.

You can try all or one of these tips. You just have to do regular rounds on your garden to see if stray cats have been around. Stray cats are persistent so you also have to be as constant in your efforts.


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