How To Know if Someone is Lying to you

Lies are what people tell when they can’t tell the truth. Everyone has lied in some way or form. Some tell little white lies while others tell lies that can topple governments and get people into trouble in major ways. Most of the time, you want to know if someone is lying to you if you are in a relationship. Whether it is a romantic relationship or a work relationship, you probably want to know if you are being taken for a ride.

So how do you know if someone is lying to you? There are many tell-tale signs if you know where to look.

  • Avoiding eye contact. It is often said that the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. People who lie are often betrayed by their eyes. A person who is lying often has a hard time maintaining eye contact with the person he is lying to. While speaking, he may suddenly shift his gaze. This is often the exact moment that he is telling a lie. Apart from not being able to look directly into the other person’s eyes, some people who lie may blink their eyes rapidly. But for many seasoned liars, they can look at the person they are lying to straight in the eyes while telling a lie.
  • Exhibiting stress behaviors. Some liars have lying gestures or behaviors. These can be fidgeting, shifting, scratching, itching, swallowing, or clearing the throat. Lying makes certain individuals uncomfortable and this discomfort comes out in their body language. Some also sweat when lying.
  • Shifting the gaze to the right. According to body language experts, some liars tend to look to the right and upwards. This is because telling a lie stimulates the part of the human brain that is associated with the imagination. Imagination is made up. On the other hand, those who look the other way, that is to the left, are recalling memories or things that really happened which are essentially the truth.
  • Resurfacing of childhood habits. There are some habits from a person’s childhood that often resurface when they lie. For example, the liar may touch his nose or cover his mouth or even his face. It is his subconscious effort to put some distance between you and himself as he lies.
  • Increasing vocal pitch. Many people who lie suddenly have a higher voice pitch. If you know the liar’s normal voice pitch, be wary when his voice becomes high pitched or squeaky. Sometimes, exaggerated body movements accompany changes in vocal pitch.
  • Taking a pause. Some liars have to pause while speaking when they are about to tell an untruth. This is because their brains are not fast enough to come up with fiction. They have to make something up so a short pause is necessary to give them time.
  • Faking innocence. Some liars pretend that they are innocent by giving you that doe-eyed look. They even try to make you feel guilty for suspecting them.

Many of the ways mentioned above go together. Some liars may exhibit two or more of them at a time. However, professional liars are harder to catch. They may have been lying for so long that they believe whatever comes out of their mouth is the truth. Trust your instincts. You can usually tell if a person is lying to you if you listen to your inner voice. In the end, the question you should ask yourself is: do you really want to know if a person is lying to you. And, more importantly: can you handle the truth?


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