How To Know the Costs Involved in Attending X-Ray Technician School

X-ray technicians are specially trained workers in the health care field. Their specific skills involve controlling the x-ray equipment to take pictures of the insides of bodies in order to better look at injuries, diseases, or other medical conditions. X-ray technicians work not only in hospitals but also in dental clinics, convalescent homes, and radiology centers. Finishing a degree in radiography could help an individual to immediately secure a high paying job. This is because the demand for workers with this specialized skill is very high and appears to remain significant over the next few years. If you are interested in enrolling to be a radiologic technologist, read on to find out how much it could cost to go to an x-ray technician school.

  • The bulk of your expenses will go to your tuition fee. The tuition fee for the entire program could vary from school to school. Going to a community college will definitely be less expensive than attending a private school. Several radiology-related forums reveal that it is easier to find work when you have a bachelor’s degree than when you have a certificate or associate’s degree. If you wish to become a fully accredited radiologic technologist, it is advisable that you do not enroll in a limited scope course that lasts from 12 to 15 months. Full accredited radiography programs are usually 24 months long with a tuition fee ranging from $5,000 to a whopping $21,000 per year. Online radiology schools offer the same programs for about $7,000 tuition fee per academic year.
  • You might also need to pay for your application to a Radiography school. Before you can enroll in any of the classes, you will need to pay several fees. Some schools charge $25 to $75 to process a student’s application. Others also require a minimal registration fee ranging from $35 to $100.
  • Textbooks, uniforms, and medical supplies will also need to be purchased. After enrolling, you will be required to pay certain miscellaneous fees. Most school websites indicate this to range from $100 to $1,000. This fee does not cover uniforms, books and other materials. Uniforms can be bought from each school at $60 to $250 per set while your textbooks could set you back another $1000 to 1,700. Most students advise that you buy your textbooks from second hand shops. You can purchase the used books for only a fraction of the price of new ones. Additionally, consider purchasing a laptop. Some schools require that their students bring a laptop to some of the classes.
  • You also need to factor in living expenses. Besides the cost of the program, you should also consider the daily expenses that you will be incurring as you attend radiography school. If you will be living on campus, you can cut back on transportation expenses but will need to pay for housing. Factor in also your projected expenses on food and other supplies.

Once you finish the two-year or four-year course, you can also look into continuing your education to become a specialist. With additional training, an x-ray technician can enter other fields like mammography, angiography, ultrasound technology, radiology, and many more. Acquiring specialty certifications will increase your earning potential more than tenfold.


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