How To Learn West Coast Swing Dancing

West Coast swing dance has been popular in most parties and outings. This is mainly because of the fact that it is a great dance that is not only fun but also exciting. Knowing how to perform this dance is really a great way to impress friends and guests in a party. Here's a guide to help you in learning the West Coast dance:

  • Know the history of this great swing dance. To help you fully understand West Coast swing dance, it is important that you know even a little about the dance's history. This dance is derived from Lindy Hop swing dance. Take note that this dance is a type of slotted dance. This means that the dancer travels back and forth right along a slot or rectangle.
  • Take some time to listen to West Coast music. It is a good idea to listen to the beat of the music that usually accompanies this dance. If you have access to videos, watch people in performing this dance. If you know a social club in your area, visit it and see personally how people perform this vibrant and fun dance.
  • Get some help by visiting dancing clubs. Make sure you choose a club that is specializing in social swing dancing. You can go to the floor and have fun following the moves. Do not worry about making the steps and moves correctly. At this point, you just have to feel what the dance is all about and evaluate the elastic quality of this swing dance.
  • Learn the basic steps of the dance. In West Coast dance, there is always a lead and a follower. Know the basic steps of both the lead and the follower. The most basic West Coast swing dance step is sugar push. For the lead, step back using the left foot and then back with the right. Then, tap the left foot right next to the other foot and step forward using the left foot to finish the sugar push step. On the other hand, the follower must step forward on the right and step forward with the left foot. Tap the right to the other foot and step back with the right foot. Take note the lead and follower must perform this step simultaneously. Find lessons, articles, or videos that will help you with this basic step.
  • Learn about the anchor step in this dance. Once you have mastered the sugar push, it is time to master the anchor step. This is done by the lead and follower right at the end of the sequence of sugar push steps. If you are the lead, the anchor step is done by putting the weight on your right foot and placing the instep on the left's heel at count five. Shift the weight to the left while keeping it anchored on the floor. Then, without moving your right foot, shift the weight back to it. For the follower's part, the drill is almost the same only that the steps of the left and the right feet are reversed.

West Coast swing dance is not only a fun and exciting dance. More importantly, it is very easy to learn and so as to perform. If you start today, you can be certain that you can be able to perform the dance in a party or gathering tonight.


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