How To Make a Booby Trap

If you want to make your house extra safer than why not take the extra precautions and plant booby traps around your home? This is a great way to prevent people from trespassing in your house and could be the key to protect you and your family.

There are a lot of simple booby traps that you could do and the best thing about these kinds of traps is that it won’t really hurt the person, it will only delay or disable them from doing any further damage.

Here are two simple booby traps that you could plant around your house to keep your house free from trespassers.

Booby trap for the yard:

  • Gather your materials. This trap is very easy to do but can really be time consuming. You’ll need a shovel, a bag of dried leaves, a large plastic, and a water hose.
  • Dig the hole. Once you have all your materials, use the shovel to dig a hole. The hole should be deep enough to prevent your trespasser from escaping. The height of your hole should at least be 3 feet tall and the width should at least be 4 feet wide.
  • Fill it with water. To prevent the water from soaking to the ground, place the large plastic in the hole. Fill the hole with water until it levels with the ground.
  • Cover the hole. Use your dried leaves to cover the hole. Spread it all over the hole. You should have enough dried leaves to cover the hole to make it look like it’s a solid ground. Once a trespasser walks on it, he or she will be trapped in your mud hole.

Booby trap for doors:

  • Gather your materials. The materials that you’ll need for this trap can be easily found at home. You’ll need 2 detachable hooks, preferably the screw in hook, and a long piece of nylon string. The length should be as long as the width of your door.
  • Place your hooks on the door frame. Your hooks should be placed about 2 inch above the floor. Place the hook on each side of the door frame. Make sure that your hooks or nails are leveled with each other to make your booby trap more effective.
  • Tie the string on the hook. Tie one end of the string on one hook and the other end of the string on the other hook. Make sure that the nylon string is firm and not loose so that it wouldn’t look obvious. When someone walks through the door, that person will definitely trip from the booby trap that you made.

When you are placing booby traps in and around your house, make sure to inform everyone about it for them not to fall victim to these traps. When you have kids in the house, placing these kinds of traps may not be too advisable as it may cause the kids to have accidents.

Booby traps are a great way to protect your home and with these easy to make booby traps, you can definitely prevent trespassers from entering your home.


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