How To Make a Computer Start-Up Faster

You already know that the Internet is both good and bad news for your computer. It’s like driving along a wide and open highway, there are smooth as there are pockmarked roads. It’s the pockmarked roads that make your computer slow down so the next time you boot up, you’ll notice a marked slowdown. This can be fixed and you can do it yourself but you need more than an hour to complete this task. Here are fixes you can perform.

  • Download the following programs. You will need anti-spyware, Adaware, and Spybot. These three are available online for free.
  • Install the anti-spyware program first. Leave Adaware and Spybot for later.
  • Configure the system. You must go to the “Start” menu and type “msconfig” on the dialog box. By the way, lose the quotation sign when you type the letters. Click “Enter” and wait for your computer to run the command.
  • Remove unnecessary programs. You will see a list of programs that you don’t need. Click on these and then hit “startup.”
  • Boot your computer and switch to safe mode. You can speed this up by hitting the F8 key. You’ll see your desktop icons appear after this.
  • Go to the control panel. Choose add/delete programs when you enter the main page of the control panel. Run the deleted programs through the anti-spyware that you had just installed.
  • Clean up the temporary folder. Every time you download files from the Internet this goes into a temporary folder before you give the command to save it into whichever drive you prefer. Go to the temporary folder and clean up all these files to help your computer boot up faster.
  • Install the latter two programs. These would be the Adaware and the Spybot programs. Download these while your computer is still running in safe mode. Once these two are downloaded, install these, update these to the latest definitions, and then run these separately in your computer. These programs will root out any suspicious programs call root kits that are installed in your computer.
  • Get rid of the root kits. The root kits have now been exposed. To get rid of these, you will need to download another program called BLBeta Expert, which you can get from F-Secure Blacklight. After you are done downloading and installing the program, click on its icon so the program can perform the job of deleting the root kits from your computer.
  • Re-start your computer. When you are done with all the procedures, you will be prompted to restart your computer for all the changes to be accepted by the system. Do as instructed.

There are more ways to speed up the boot time of your computer. You can regularly clean the registry, update the latest software definitions, run these programs regularly to expose root kits, and of course, making sure your firewall is turned on to protect your computer from malicious attackers. If your computer speed has not improved despite these suggestions, the problem might be the computer’s memory. In this case, what you need is more RAM to solve the problem.


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