How To Make a Handmade Braided Leather Bracelet

Braided leather bracelets look simple and casual. They can be worn for any occasion, even in the shower!

Here’s a simple way to make your own handmade braided leather bracelet.

  • Prepare the materials. You will need three fourteen leather thongs or thin leather strings, super glue, clasp, wire cutters, twenty colored gauge wire, scissors, two cones and nylon strings. These materials are available in craft stores. There are different kinds of leather. You can choose to use leather thongs, leather cords or even cut leather from a bigger piece. Leather thongs are available in different sizes. Leather cords are usually round and are available in various colors. If you decide to cut your own leather, make sure to use blade cutters. These will ensure that your leather is cut straight. Also, make sure that they are ¾ inches wide and 14 inches long. The two cones depend on the size of your leather.
  • Start your bracelet. The first step to making your braided leather bracelets is to tie a knot to one end of the leather strip. Make sure that it is about one inch from the top of your string or just enough space to tie it to a wrist. Glue the two other strings underneath the knot making sure that the ends are aligned. Using your colored wire or just about any thin wire, wrap around the three leather strings to secure them in place. You can add the cone to make it look fancier.
  • Braid the bracelet. Before you start braiding, tape or pin the top part on a table or a steady object to stop it from moving when you braid it. Start braiding your bracelet once it is secure on the table or object. Take the right most leather string with your right hand and the left most leather string with your left hand. Make the left string exchange places with the middle string by moving the left string over the middle string. The left most string will now be your middle string and your middle string will now be your left most string. Place the right most string over the middle string making them exchange places. Now the right most string is the middle string and the middle string is your right most string. Continue to do this pattern until you get the desired length.
  • Secure the bottom. Knot the bottom part once you are contented with the length of the bracelet. Make the knot loose if you wish to add a cone to the end. If the string is long, cut the excess. Using glue, stick the three strings together and wrap them securely with wire. Using your nylon thread, attach your clamps to both ends.
  • Add finishing touches. You may wish to add beads to your string. You don’t have to put the beads all throughout. You may add them occasionally to your string. You can also add charms to your leather bracelet. Feathers can be added to your string by using hooks to attach them to your leather bracelet. This will make your leather bracelet look authentic. You can also stick sequins to your leather bracelet.

Remember that it will take some time getting used to braiding your leather bracelet. Be patient. Sooner or later you will get the hang of it.


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