How To Make a Louvered Door

Louvered doors are doors made up of several parallel and rectangular pieces of wood arranged horizontally from the floor, all having the same thickness. These doors are designed to manage airflow while providing an ample amount of privacy and security. This particular type of door is commonly seen in cabinets and closets, which aims to allow air to go in and out of the said furniture.

Louver has its etymology from the French word “l’ouvert” meaning the open one. It was created originally for the purpose of keeping out rain and snow and at the same time allowing for ventilation. Louver shutters have slats which are adjustable and can be moved at certain angles.   

Today, louvered doors are readily available in home centers, but you can also make your own since they are relatively easy to construct and are inexpensive. With a little know-how and some initiative, you can create your own louvered door in no time.

Here is how to make a louvered door.

  • Collect all the necessary materials and equipment. In making a louvered door, you must acquire the needed materials such as a rectangular piece of wood that would act as the skeleton of the door. Nails, door pulls and hinges complete the package. You would also need some essential tools in woodworking like the circular saw, a large clamp, working bradnailer, drill, screw driver, sand paper and paint for aesthetics. You can purchase most of these things, if not all, at leading home centers and hardware stores. As for the louver slats, buy those that are ready-made.
  • Make the overall design of the door. Using a large wood clamp, assemble the pieces of your louvered door together. Dry fit the parts by inserting the wooden slats horizontally to the floor and arrange them in a parallel manner with each other.
  • Assemble and design your louvered door. Start by constructing the door frame. Keep in mind that it should be big enough to make room for the ready-made wooden slats. Use a circular saw to cut two pieces of vertical wood and two horizontal but smaller ones. Secure all of the portions together by using a bradnailer. Insert the wooden slats inside the frame by again using the bradnailer. Attach two or more door hinges to the newly constructed louvered door. Use a driller to puncture holes into the door frame. Using a piece of sandpaper, polish off the surface of your door then use paint to make it more attractive and pleasing to the eye.
  • Attach a door pull and complete the task. After the paint has dried off, fasten a door pull on the outer side of your louvered door. You can use a drill to bore holes and screwdrivers to tighten the door pull. After affixing the hardware, you can already incorporate your louvered door to the closet frame or any other door frames. Test your new louvered door by swinging it back and forth.

Having a louvered door instills in your space that traditional feel. By following the above steps, you can make your own personalized louvered door instead of buying those expensive ones that they sell on the market.


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