How To Make a Phone Call Untraceable

These days almost everything is traceable. From the activity on your Internet to the cars we drive around in to the phones we place calls on. But sometimes, a little anonymity is a good thing particularly when phone calls are concerned.

When your phone calls are traced, your home and your family’s security and safety are compromised. You can make untraceable phone calls when you are divulging important information and your privacy will ensure you and your family’s well being.

Below are the steps you can take to make sure no one traces your phone call, ensuring your anonymity and your security.

  • Get a spoof card. Most spoofing services are used by law enforcement agencies and are not common for private use. Some PIs use spoofing services for their investigations. A spoof card basically changes the information that shows up on a caller ID display. A lot of companies offer spoof cards, all you have to do is go online to get one.
  • Use a soft phone. Soft phones are computer applications that allow you to make calls through your computer. This is a good alternative when making an untraceable phone call as you will be using a proxy server to dial through.
  • Use a disposable mobile phone. Disposable mobile phones are also a great alternative as you can buy your minutes and then throw away the mobile phone after you make your call. Disposable or prepaid phones come with their own numbers that are registered without owners and are sold in telecom stores nationwide.
  • Dial *67. This service allows you to delete your phone number from the receiver’s caller ID. Unfortunately, there are ways around this so unless you are calling from a pay phone where you can make a quick escape this isn’t a viable option.
  • Subscribe to scrambled lines. Certain phones are available containing an algorithm that jumbles up call locations and doesn’t show up in caller IDs. These are usually a paid service you can avail of by searching for companies that provide this online.
  • Get call trace blockers. Installing this in your computer will allow you to dial through the blocker, which in turn stops any call traces linking your phone. These calls are encrypted with specific codes that are discarded after you finish your call and put down the receiver. Call trace blockers are not available in your local electronics store and you may have to search online for someone to supply you with them.
  • Consult a PI. Detectives make it their business to get information and to make sure that they’re not discovered while gathering information. If you can hire the services of a gumshoe, they may be able to help you make anonymous phone calls.

These are but a few suggestions you may want to go through when protecting your identity when placing a call. You should be aware of the responsibility that comes with knowing how to make anonymous phone calls. This should not be done for prank calls or for any other purpose other than to provide critical information.

Understand that call tracing is more a security protocol than an invasion of your privacy. As invasive and as a violation of your personal rights as it seems, the main purpose behind call tracing is safety and security.


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