How To Make a Pretty Hair Bow

Ever wondered on what to use to accent that beautiful long hair that you have grown for ages? Have you ever encountered a time where you absolutely want to match your hair with that cute little outfit and that stunning face? Look no more, for wearing a hair bow is key in solving your problems.

Hair bows come in many shapes, patterns and colors, even in the level of complexity. They are considered great avenues in increasing the aesthetic level of that rather quite simple ponytail or balancing out the intricacy of the braids. Come up with the right fit and you're all set to go with your pretty dress. It is actually very simple to create one.

Here are some tips on how to create your own pretty hair bow.

  • Come up with a great design. Search the Internet for good hair bow designs. Choose the one that you like best. If you're more into coming up with your own for that personal touch, concretize your ideas by drawing them on paper. Incorporate your favorite color to the design or choose the one that fits with the color of your dress. Determine also your favored size for your hair bow.
  • Gather the needed materials and equipment. Collect all the required materials and equipment in making your own hair bow. These include ribbons, hair clips or velcro, adhesive materials like glue sticks, probably a thin wire and usually a fray check, which is a liquid seam sealant for ribbons. You can look for these things in local shops and thrift stores but it is always better to recycle mildly used items.
  • Prepare the actual bow. Cut the ribbon to the appropriate length corresponding to the size of hair brow you prefer. Tie a small bow using that piece of ribbon. In creating more complicated bows, use different colored ribbons and then tie them into multiple bows. You can also take a much smaller ribbon and tie it at the center for added effect. Then neatly cut the ends of the ribbon and at the same time adjusting the loops so as that they are of the same size. Modify the ribbon ends according to your preference. You can become as artsy as you want by using other types of decorative materials. Seal the ends of the ribbon by using the fray check. This actually prevents fraying.
  • Attach the bow to the clip. Using a hot glue gun, attach your hair bow to a velcro. You can also use a hair clip and then attach the hair bow through the same process. Be careful when using the hot glue gun since runoff from the melted glue sticks could procure mild to severe burns. Turn off the equipment after using. Check if the bow will not fall off from the velcro or clip when worn.

Hair bows are indeed effective in highlighting your hair and face. They are considered necessities in looking good 101. Suit up in your best dress and wear your pretty hair bow, then you are ready to roll! 


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