How To Make a Shower Curtain for a Clawfoot Tub

There are few bathroom fixtures as elegant as a claw foot tub. The claw foot tub, however, is usually made solely for bathing. If you want to combine a shower with your claw foot tub, you need to make sure that there is a shower curtain surrounding the tub, so that you will be able to take a quick shower in the tub without splashing water all over the bathroom floor. Here’s how.

  • Take measurements. Start by taking the width and height of the shower curtains for the claw foot tub. The shower curtains should be tall enough to reach the shower rods that you will attach on the ceilings, and should be able to reach the sides of the claw foot tub. You will also need to determine whether the shower curtain should encircle the claw foot tub, or if you only need the shower curtain for one side of the tub. if the tub as placed next to a wall, for instance, then you only need to install the curtains on one side of the tub.
  • Install curtain rods. Next, purchase curtain rods and screw them into place. Curtain rods are readily available in most hardware shops, and come with the rod and the fixtures that you need to attach the rod to the top of the wall or to the ceiling.
  • Cut the curtain. After installing the curtain rods, you need to buy the materials for the shower curtain. Some people prefer plastic sheets to be made into shower curtains, because these plastic sheets are waterproof. Keep in mind, however, that these plastic shower curtains can get grimy very quickly. You can also use light fabrics as the shower curtain. Make sure that you choose a color and a pattern that you are comfortable with and which matches the rest of the décor for your home. Cut the curtain according to the measurements that you have taken earlier on.
  • Sew the edges. After cutting the curtain, the next step is to use a sewing machine to sew the hem of the shower curtain. Sewing the hem will ensure that your shower curtain lasts longer and ensures that the shower curtain will not get frizzy edges after a couple of days. Also create a loop on the top of the shower curtains, so that you will be able to insert the shower curtain into the curtain rods. Simply fold the last six inches on top and sew it into the side of the curtain, to create the loop.
  • Attach the curtains. Now that your shower curtain is prepared, all you need is to insert the curtain rod into the loop that you have sewn into the shower curtain. Afterwards, you should be able to hang the shower curtain into place. As an alternative to looping the entire top portion of the curtain, you can also sew in hooks or add grommet holes so that you can attach the curtain by using clasps that link the curtain to the shower rods.

With these steps, you should be able to make your very own shower curtains for your claw foot bath tub. The shower curtain will make your bathroom look bright and cheerful, and will help keep your bathroom floor from getting wet.


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