How To Make a Valance

One way to dress up your window is by adding a valance. This type of window treatment is used to hide the hardware used for the curtains and shades. There are many ways to make a window valance. Designs, styles, and fabrics will depend on the room’s overall décor and your personal sense of style.

For this project, you will make a valance that is installed outside your window by the trim.

  • Gather your materials. You can use either thin plywood or thick cardboard as the valance board. Depending on which material you choose for your valance board, you will either need a saw for the plywood or a utility knife (heavy scissors will also do) for the cardboard. You also need a measuring tape (or yard stick), staple gun, staples, drill and mounting screws. Don’t forget to get the fabric you want for the valance plus a pair of sharp fabric scissors.
  • Get measurements. The valance will be placed on the wall just above and around the window frame. Get the exact width of your window from the outside using your measuring tape. To the width, add three more inches to both sides. You can also make the valance wider by adding more allowance. Measure the height of the window. Divide this by four. This ¼ measurement of the window’s height is the height of your valance.
  • Prepare your valance board. Using the measurements you took in the previous step (width and height) measure the valance board material. Don’t forget the allowance of three or more inches on each side (for the width). Cut the valance board to size using either your saw or your utility knife depending on the valance material.
  • Measure and cut the fabric. The fabric, once cut, should go around the valance board on all sides with an additional inch of extra fabric per side. Use your measuring tape to measure the fabric then cut it with fabric scissors.
  • Drill the necessary holes. Use a drill to make holes on the wall where the valance board will go. You should also have holes on the valance board that aligns with the holes on the wall. The fabric will be able to cover the screws when the valance board is attached.
  • Attach the fabric. Begin stapling the fabric to the valance board. Stapling is done on the backside. Only do the bottom of the board. The top will be done later. Once stapled, stretch the fabric so it reaches the holes for the screws. Using your fabric scissors, make square notches on the fabric directly above the holes. The fabric will be looped over the screws later on.
  • Attach the valance board. Screw the valance board on the wall. Don’t screw it all the way. Leave about 1/8” of space from the wall. Make sure the valance board is centered. The distance of the valance board from the top of the window frame should be roughly two inches.
  • Finish covering the valance board with fabric. Pull the fabric as tight as possible then slid it between the wall and the valance board. This is what the 1/8” gap is for. Staple the stretched material to the back part of the board so it won’t be seen. Fold in the sides and staple these as well. The window valance is done.

You can tweak this project to make a valance that will fit the window inside the house. Choose your fabric well and make sure it complements your home. A window valance makes your window look all dressed up.


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