How To Make an Online Payment to Safeway Auto Insurance

Once you have applied for auto insurance, you have many options on how to pay. With the dawn of internet banking and online buying and selling, financial transactions such as paying important bills and insurance policies have never been made easier. Safeway Insurance Company is one such company wise enough to maintain reliable quality service and at the same time, able to keep up with modern conveniences by providing an online payment service.

About Safeway Insurance Company

Safeway Insurance is the biggest private and family-owned auto insurance company in the whole of the United States. It conducts business from Alabama to Texas, and has been around since 1959. The company’s car insurance policy covers basic aspects like vehicle-related damages, injuries, or loss and extends to provisions that help protect damaged property of the driver, passengers, fellow drivers, and pedestrians. The insurance can also cover protection for the driver in case of an automobile-related lawsuit.      

Safeway Insurance has lasted more than fifty years in the auto insurance industry, and it’s still going strong. The company has definitely gained the trust and loyalty of many policy holders. That’s why it is constantly thinking of ways to improve and upgrade services. A recent addition is the online payment of insurance policies. If you’re still new to this feature, follow these steps and you’ll find the convenience of paying is just a click away.           

Here’s how you can do it.

  • Open your web browser.
  • Go to the Home page of Safeway Insurance.
  • Look for the “Make a Payment” tab and click on it. It’s just below the Safeway Insurance logo, and in between the “Your Policy” and “Contact Us” tabs.
  • A new window or tab will pop out. You will be re-directed to the “My Safeway Verification” page.
  • You will need to verify some information first. Type your policy number, last name, and date of birth on the spaces provided.
  • Check if the information or data you typed is correct and complete. Then click “Search” at the lower part of the page. Wait while the system verifies or confirms the existence of your policy.
  • When your policy has been retrieved, follow the instructions on how to accomplish your payment.

Once you have acquired a Safeway Auto Insurance policy, you can pay your regular dues online. It’s safer, faster, and more convenient.

Quick tips:

Searching for the best auto insurance policy requires that you take time to sit down to compare insurance policy coverage and quotes either through your own research or with an agent.

In general, you should always check the internet security of a company’s website first before providing any kind of personal information needed in accomplishing a form for online payment, for example. Although most known companies redirect users to a reliable site, it still pays to be thorough and sure. To check for internet security, look for a small security symbol at the bottom right corner of your web browser window, after accessing the site and being redirected to another link. The security symbol is almost always a small golden lock (a lock that’s shut) that means security is in place and that particular site or link is protected. These protected sites keep outsiders or hackers from accessing personal information.

Always keep invoices and copies of transactions neatly organized in a folder for easy access and reference. It’s also important to maintain records so you can keep track of your policy’s status and avoid making double payments or even forgetting payments. 


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