How To Make Gak at Home

If your kids love Playdoh, they will love Gak. Gak is a soft dough that kids can play with by kneading it with their hands, cutting out into shapes or rolling it around to form balls and other figures. It’s very easy to make at home yourself with a few simple ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen or pantry.

This is so easy to make, your children can even help out or make it themselves. Here’s how to make Gak at home.

  • Get your ingredients together. To make Gak, you need to prepare cold water, glue, some detergent and food coloring. If you want different colors of Gak, then have different colors of food coloring. Start with primary colors so your kids will have different colored Gak to work with. For your materials, you’ll need two mixing bowls, measuring spoons and measuring cups, a wooden spoon and a clean flat surface.
  • Combine the water, glue and food coloring. Measure 1 ½ cups of cold water and put in the bowl. Add two cups of white Elmer’s glue. This is the equivalent of a 16 ounce bottle. Combine together. Add the food coloring. If you want to make smaller batches of Gak to make different colors, then divide the mixture into smaller bowls before adding the food coloring. A few drops should suffice. If you want the color to be more vibrant, then you need to add an extra drop of two of the food coloring.
  • Add the detergent. In a different bowl, place one cup of cold water. Mix in three tablespoons of powdered detergent.
  • Mix well together. When each bowl is well blended, it’s time to combine the contents of the two bowls together. Slowly pour the water detergent mixture to the water and glue mixture. It’s going to get quite thick, so you may need to use your hands at this point. If you halved the glue and water mixture to make two different colors, be sure to pour a proportional amount of water and detergent into the appropriate bowl. This way, you’ll have about the same consistency for both colors.
  • Start playing. Now that you have combined your Gak, you can now play with it! Spend hours together with your children making this fun item. If you want more colors and in larger quantities, go ahead and make a new batch. You may want to assign one color per child. When you play with Gak, you can bring out cookie cutters or a rolling pin for the kids to enjoy.

Wasn’t that simple? It takes less than ten minutes to make a batch of Gak, but the hours of playtime fun will be priceless. When done playing, you need to store the Gak in to airtight containers. Use a ziplock bag for each color and store in a cool dry place. You may also place it in a plastic storage container. When the kids are ready to play again, simply bring it out and start kneading and rolling it again!


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