How To Make Homemade Alcohol

Purchasing alcohol from grocery stores for parties that you are going to have at home can be a bit expensive. An alternative to this is to make your own alcohol at home. Making your own alcohol is really easy. All you need are a few ingredients to get started. Here are the simple step by step instructions that you can follow.

  • Ingredients and materials to prepare. The ingredients and materials that you need to prepare for making alcohol are yeast, water, confectioner’s sugar, mason jars and coffee filters.
  • Sterilize the mason jars. The first step is to sterilize the mason jars to make sure that they are clean for storing the alcohol mixture. Boil some water and then submerge the mason jars in the water to get rid of bacteria. Afterwards, set aside the mason jars and allow them to dry completely.
  • Dissolve the sugar. Heat some water until it reaches about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Get a mason jar and fill it about ¾ full with the confectioner’s sugar. Afterwards, add the hot water until the mixture reaches near the top. Do not fill it all the way to the top. Allow a few inches off allowance. Cover the mason jar and shake the water and sugar mixture until all the sugar has been dissolved in the water.
  • Add the yeast. Open the mason jar and add a sachet of yeast to the sugar and water mixture. Close the lid again and shake it until the yeast has been well blended with the sugar water. You should come up with a light creamy color.
  • Set the mixture. Get a large basin where you can place the mason jar. Heat up some water to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the water in the basin. Remove the lid from the mason jar and allow the jar to sit in the water for 3 hours. Be sure that the water does not get inside the open jar. Check on the water every so often. You must maintain the temperature of the water.
  • Prepare the mason jar. After 3 hours, you will notice that there is foam on top of the jar. Cover the jar with the lid tightly. Use a sharp knife to puncture the lid with a small hole. Get a small piece of tissue and plug it into the hole that you created. The hole will allow the carbon dioxide to be released from inside the jar.
  • Store the mixture. Place the mason jar in a dark and dry place. You can place it in your garage. Just make sure that no one touches it. Allow it to set for about a week. Check to see if there are no more bubbles on top of the jar.
  • Finish the alcohol mixture. When the mixture is ready, use a coffee filter to drain the mixture. You will end up with the alcoholic liquid. The coffee filter will strain the yeast content. You can mix the alcohol with some fruits to alter the taste.

You can experiment on different alcohol flavors with this recipe. This recipe has about 10% to 20% alcohol content.


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