How To Make Italian Gelato

For the world, Gelato is simply an Italian ice cream. Sure, gelato is from Italy but it is more than just another ice cream. The traditional gelato has less fat, more pliable, quicker to melt on the tongue, and has an intense flavor. It is made out of milk instead of cream, like most ice cream does. It is frozen in a warmer temperature, too, compared to what a regular ice cream needs. Gelato has lesser air also so it gets denser and tastes more flavorful than the usual ice cream.

Enjoy all these gelato benefits while having fun making some Italian ice cream. The recipe below is the base of gelato ice cream. It is plain and doesn’t contain flavoring. Try to taste this first and then decide what flavor would be best with the plain gelato.

  • Get all the gelato ingredients ready. You’ll need two cups of fresh milk, one cup of heavy cream, four egg yolks, and half cup of sugar.
  • Mix the heavy cream and milk in a saucepan. Turn the fire on low-medium heat. Wait until the mixture is simmered. You know that it is simmering if it’s forming small bubbles. Turn off the heat and then transfer the mixture to a bowl. Set aside.
  • Beat the egg yolks in a large bowl. Once beaten well, add the sugar and then beat again until the mixture forms a nice foam. This might take about some minutes. You may also use electric beater and set it on high. Beat the mixture for about one minute or until nice foam is formed.
  • Put in the cream-milk mixture. Do not add the mixture all at once. Gradually add this into the egg-sugar mixture by whisking constantly. Continue doing this until all the cream-milk mixture is added.
  • Transfer the gelato mixture into a saucepan. Turn the fire on medium heat and cook the mixture by stirring it constantly with a wooden spoon. Just keep on stirring until the mixture is a bit thick. You know that it has the right thickness if the mixture can already coat the back of your wooden spoon. You’ll see lumps on the mixture, too. That’s the sign that the saucepan has to be removed from heat.
  • Strain the gelato mixture into a large bowl. Pour the mixture through a heat-resistant, fine strainer. Cover.
  • Let the gelato mixture to cool down. It may take several hours, say four to seven, before the gelato mixture is chilled enough.
  • Pour the gelato mixture into the ice cream maker. Follow the machine’s manual and let the gelato to freeze. Transfer the frozen mixture into your favorite ice cream container and keep it in the freezer.

Italian gelato is more delicious when freshly made. Have a cup of your homemade gelato and taste its difference. You may add nuts, strawberries, or choco fudge over the ice cream. Next time, try to add the flavor in the mixture. Fresh fruit purees, nuts, and cocoa are best added in the mixture. But other ingredients like biscuits, cookies, nuts, and choco flakes are added once the gelato is frozen.


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