How To Make Lamp Shade Covers

Creating your own lamp shade cover is one way of personalizing and changing the ambiance and feel of your room. It’s easy, economical and most of all very fun and cathartic to do. You can even do this as a bonding session with your friends and family. If you have time you can even turn this into a profitable business.

  • Prepare your materials. You will need newspapers, lamp shade, decorator fabric, fabric pen, fabric adhesive, pair of scissors, cloth pins and glue gun.
  • Ready your workspace. To ensure that you won’t have fabric adhesive and glue sticking all over the place, spread some newspaper on your work spot.
  • Measure your fabric. The best part about this project is that you have a say on what fabric design you would like to use. If you would like a dim effect you can choose a heavy fabric otherwise a fabric with light design can give you that soft light touch. To get started, lay your fabric on a flat surface. The wrong side should be facing you. Position the lamp on its side. Slowly roll the lamp against your textile while marking the outline using your fabric pen. Do this carefully until you reach the seam of your lamp. Once done, take your lamp and set aside. Before cutting your fabric give at least 1-2 inch allowance on both sides.
  • Apply adhesive on your fabric. Now that you’ve successfully cut your cloth, smoothen your fabric and start coating it with adhesive. It is always advisable to read the instructions first on how to use your fabric adhesive. Some adhesive needs to be shaken first while others have to be mixed with other substance. This would also work to your advantage since it would make you aware of the hazards that may come in using the adhesive.
  • Attach the fabric to your lamp. It is now time to take out your lamp and be ready to cover it with your textile. Situate the side of the lamp shade onto the end part of your fabric. Make sure to start at the seam. Cautiously roll your lamp against the fabric checking from time to time if there are any wrinkles. If a wrinkle appears slowly yank the fabric and lay it again. Keep doing this until the entire area is covered. As for the excess hanging cloth you can depress it to the inside of your lamp. Use your glue gun to fix firmly the extra trimmings. To ensure that your textile won’t fall off from your lamp, you can secure it with cloth pins until you are sure that the adhesive has completely dried off. To make it more beautiful you have the option of adding little trinkets and ornaments to your lamp shade. You can use colorful lace, flirty fur, silky ribbons and even beads.

Depending on your mood you can change the cover of your lamp shade as often as you want. Just be meticulous in removing the fabric that’s been previously attached to your lamp shade. The last thing you want to happen is to ruin the base of your lamp.


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