How To Make Lipstick Last All Day

Women love make-up. They put it on their faces to highlight their facial assets or to make them even more beautiful. They put it on before they go out and just retouch their make-up throughout the day.

One of the make-ups that need constant retouching is the lipstick. It comes off easily with just a sip of a drink that you constantly have to re-apply just so you could maintain its color.

But there is no need to do this too often. There is a secret in applying lipstick to make it last all day long. The key to this is to know what to apply and how to apply it to make your lipstick color last longer.

  • Prepare your lips. Before putting on your lipstick, make sure that it is clean. Using a soft cloth, dip it in warm water and squeeze it out. Gently wipe it over your lips to keep it clean and soft. This will wipe any dead skin on your lips and make your lips suppler.
  • Use a neutral shade of lip liner. This will be the first layer on your lips and this is important in making your lipstick last for the whole day. Use the lip liner to fill in your entire lips. First, start lining the outer part of your lips and then work your way into the inner part of the lips. This should be the base of your lipstick to give your actual lipstick color something to hold on to. In case you don’t have a neutral shade of lip liner you can also use a lip liner shade that matches your natural lip color.
  • Apply the color of your favorite lipstick. After you have filled your lips with the lip liner you could now apply your favorite lipstick. It doesn’t matter what brand you want to use but it is more advisable to use a matte color than the sheer lipstick.
  • Use a tissue. Press the tissue between your lips and softly press your lips together. This will remove any excess lipstick that you have applied. Reapply the lipstick if you want to build more color but make sure to wipe the excess with the tissue.
  • Use some loose powder. The loose powder will help in setting your lipstick and in making it last all day. Use a big powder brush to apply the powder on your lips. Pat the brush gently to control the amount of powder you put on your lips. You can wipe any excess powder using a tissue by patting it gently on the lips. If you’re using glossy lipstick, skip this step as this would make your lips look cracked and cakey.

Constant use of lipstick can dry out your lips. Keep your lips healthy by keeping it moisturized. Apply a lip moisturizer or petroleum jelly on your lips before you go to bed to keep your lips moisturized.

Having to constantly apply lipstick can be tiring and annoying at times. That is why if you want to make your lipstick last longer then follow these easy steps and have your lipstick on, all day long.


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