How To Make Money Viewing Ads

While viewing ads only provides a small income for you, you can still have fun visiting different sites and learning about new things. What's more, you can do it in the comfort of your room and cubicle.

Here are different ways to make money viewing ads.

  • Understand the industry. Money viewing ads make money by charging clients for each click and visit of a visitor. By promising valid proof that site visits will rise, these clients can then benefit from the added awareness. In turn, the ads websites can then pay you a portion of the commission.
  • Subscribe to different websites. Sites like Adverbux, Advercash and Hits4Pay offer varying amounts to people, depending on their actions. For example, Advercash provides five to fifteen cents per click, depending on the nature of the website. Follow the instructions for each upon opening an account and make sure to properly fill out the application form; otherwise, your account approval may be delayed while your application faces deliberation and confirmation.

    You may open a dedicated email address to receive all the messages from these sites or you may set an existing email account to forward all related messages to one folder for later reading. Make sure to subscribe to a minimum of five ad viewing websites to make your income substantial.

  • Make a commitment to click on ads every day. You can schedule a portion of your day to look at new ads or integrate them with your normal web-viewing hours. You must also check your balance regularly; most of the websites will release your earnings only when you reach a minimum stated amount. You may then let the money stay in your online account or transfer it to your bank account. Beware of any transaction fees when transferring amounts; banks usually waive these fees once you transfer a minimum amount of cash.
  • Get others to join in your gig. Some paying websites will give you a bonus or a cut from the earnings of every person you influence to join the site. Invite others to join these specific sites, as other websites do not offer the same opportunities.
  • Make sure to wait the required amount of time before closing the website window. Membership to a paying site requires you to maintain an ad window for a stated amount of time, usually indicated by a status bar on top of the screen. Simply work on other windows while waiting for the allotted time to expire, then close the window.
  • Avoid premium memberships. Some websites will ask you to upgrade your status and pay a fee in order to earn more money. A way to circumvent this is to join a lot of paying websites.
  • Avoid affiliate programs. These websites will ask you to submit money in order for a chance to earn more. You don't have to spend money in order to make money.

Signing up for multiple ad viewing accounts can result in a cumulatively large payout. If you tend to spend long hours online, then earning money by viewing ads is maybe for you.


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