How To Make Money With Black Walnuts

Black walnut trees or also known as Juglans Nigra, are Native American trees. Most people use the tree for furniture because its wood is known to be hard, sturdy and durable but other than the wood, the black walnut provide many valuable benefits to the people.

Black walnut trees are actually pretty common around the neighborhood especially if you live in Nebraska, Texas or Florida. It is those small green balls that fall and scatter on the yard or on the streets. Some find these black walnuts to be useful but most of the people are annoyed by these green balls because they fall on their cars or make the place seem dirty because they are scattered everywhere.

If you have a black walnut tree planted somewhere around your house or if your neighbors have this tree and you want to find a good use for them then why not make the most out of it by earning some money from it.

Yes, these little green balls can be you ticket to earning a few extra bucks and all you need to do is invest a little time and effort to earn from black walnuts.

  • Look for black walnut trees. If you own a lot of black walnut trees or if you live around a neighborhood where black walnut trees are abundant then you are quite lucky since you won’t have to search far and wide to find enough black walnuts. If in case you don’t own a tree, you can check around your area and see if your neighbors might have black walnut trees.
  • Ask permission. In case you’ll be collecting black walnuts from the neighbors, it is best to ask their permission first. Most people see these black walnuts to be a nuisance and may appreciate you taking them away but some people may be using these black walnuts so always ask for their permission.
  • Look for a place who buys walnuts. Ask around your area if there is anyone or any store that is willing to buy by the bulk. These people or stores often have huller which is very important for processing walnuts. If you have a huller, you can process the walnuts yourself and sell these walnuts.
  • Collect the black walnuts. When collecting black walnuts, you should have sacks and a truck to transport the walnuts. It is best to collect them during the fall season since this is the time when these little green balls drop from the trees. When you have collected a good number of sacks then you could use your truck to bring it to the place where you’ll sell it or to your place where you’ll process it.

Black walnuts are very common but not everyone may see the potential in earning money from it. That is why if you are looking for a way to earn a little extra money without having to invest too much then start collecting black walnuts.
These black walnuts may be exactly what you need to get some extra money or to start a little walnut business.


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