How To Make Motorcycle Baffles

Motorcycle baffles are located inside the pipe, together with the muffler. What baffles do is make the sound that comes from the pipe quiet. If a motorcycle pipe does not have a muffler and a baffle, the sound that will come out of the exhaust is very loud and deafening. But nowadays, racing motorcycles or even motorcycles for personal use have very loud exhausts because the mufflers and baffle are removed. This adds to the machismo and appeal of the motorcycle. You can sometimes hear a number of motorcycles pass by that can break your eardrums because of the very loud noise coming from them. Motorcycle baffles can be bought in motorcycle parts and accessories store, and they come in different kinds according to the brand and make of the motorcycle. But if you want your baffles to be custom-made, you can do it yourself. This article will teach you how to make your own motorcycle baffle.

  • There are only a few things that you will be needing to make a motorcycle baffle. These are: pliers, a C-clamp, metal screws, 2 pieces of 1” shelving brackets and an electric drill. Before buying the shelving bracket, make sure that it will be compatible to your motorcycle. Ask the assistance of the store clerk to give you the right shelving bracket for your motorcycle.
  • Find a spot in your workplace where you can mount the C-clamp. Start with the fist bracket. Secure one end with the C-clamp and bend it ninety degrees using the pliers on the other end. Using the electric drill, drill a hole at one end. Remove from the clamp and do it again on the second bracket.
  • Drill two holes on the exhaust pipe. The holes must be at least six inches from the end of the pipe. The holes in the pipe and the racket should fit the screws that you will use to attach the two together. Use the right drill bit for this work.
  • Attach the metal shelving brackets to the pipe. Using the metal screws, attach the brackets one at a time, making sure that you screw them tightly.

Before attaching the baffles to the pipe, make sure that the bike has not been used for at least an hour so that the pipe will be cool, not hot and hurt you in the process. Now that you have attached the baffles into the exhaust pipe of your motorcycle, you can now test if they are working properly. Making your own baffles will save you a lot of money from buying readymade ones and paying someone to attach them to your motorcycle. If you are very keen on handling your motorcycle, you can definitely do this on your own. Unfortunately, not all motorcycle enthusiasts know how to fix or customize their bikes by themselves. That is what the motorcycle parts stores are for. If you do not know how to make your own baffles and attach them, you can always buy them and bring them to a mechanic to be attached to the exhaust pipe.


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