How To Make Muffin Cup Flowers for Mother's Day

A bouquet is one of the many things that you can give your mom on Mother’s Day along with warm hugs and kisses. It will be memorable and endearing if the gift you give is something that you have created specially for her as this makes her feel more love and cherished. Fresh flowers wilt and will eventually be thrown away. However a flower that you make from ordinary materials can be preserved and kept for a long time. Take a look at the instructions below on how to create flowers from muffin cups that you can present to your mom for Mother’s Day.

  • Buy several colors of muffin cups that will look good as flowers. Buy some white muffin cups, too for contrast. You also need floral wire, floral tape, glue, small dowels or bamboo skewers, green construction or crepe paper, whichever is handy. For variety you can also buy the smaller or mini muffin cups to create buds and other small flowers to make a bouquet.
  • Fold a colored muffin cup in half. If you are going to make a bouquet, fold several pieces. Roll the folded muffin cup into a cone, leaving a small hole on the tip to make room for the stem if you want to use a dowel or bamboo skewer. If you are going to use floral wires for the stems you can make the cones pointed. Add a dab of glue on the outer edge to secure the cones. Make the cones wide to accommodate the filler flower petals.
  • Fold a new set of muffin cups in half crosswise, corresponding to the number of cones you have made. Fold another set of muffin cups in white. Insert the white muffin cup half moons between the folds of the colored ones. Roll these into semi-tight coils and pinch the bottom so that the coil will spread on top. Continue coiling until you have finished the set. Glue the edge so that these coils will not be unruffled.
  • Get a cone and insert the coil in its middle. Add a bit of glue on the tip of the coil. Fit the pointed end of the coil into the tip of the cone.  Pinch both the tips of the cone and the coil together. Use to floral wires and wrap the ends around the pinched part of the muffin cups. Wrap the wire two or three times around the bottom and twist the short end of the wire to the long end at the base of your muffin cup flower. If you using a small dowel or a bamboo skewer, add some glue to the end of the stick before you insert it in the hole of the cone. Cut a bit off the tip of the coil to create a small hole and push the end of the stick through this hole as well. Add glue around the protruding end of the stick inside the coil to ensure that the flower head will not fall off. Add a bead or a small button for the flower center and secure with glue.
  • Wrap the floral wires or the stick with green floral tape and secure the ends. Cut green construction paper or crepe paper into the shape of leaves and attach two or three along the stems.
    Gather the muffin cup flowers in a bunch and tie the stems with a nice ribbon. You can also place them in a wicker basket lined with colorful tissue paper. Use floral wire if you want the flower stems to be flexible and easier to arrange if you are going to place the muffin cup flower in a vase.


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