How To Make Multi-Loop Hair Bows

Girls cannot resist getting different kinds of ribbons for their hair. There is something endearing and whimsical when you see girls wearing ribbons in their hair. Maybe it is because you recall your own youth when your mom would place ribbons and bows on your hair. Hair bows have come a long way as just a means to keep your hair neat and nice. With the newer styles and varieties of ribbons coming out, ribbons for the hair have never been this good. There are several methods of creating hair bows and the instructions below will help you to create multi-loop hair bows in a jiffy.

  • You need a variety of ribbons in different widths. For small to medium barrettes you should use thinner ribbons, about one-fourth to three-eights of an inch wide. For larger barrettes use ribbons that are half an inch or six-eights of an inch wide. You can use single colors or ribbons with prints.
  • It is better to buy a roll of ribbon or at least a few yards for each hair bow you will make so you can avoid gluing several pieces together. Get one end of ribbon. If the ribbon has a right and reverse side make sure that the right side is face down on the fingers of your left hand. With your four fingers close together the measurement across will be for about two and a half inches. Use this as your gauge while creating the loops. Allow the end of the ribbon to dangle for about half an inch from your pinkie. Bring the long end over to create a loop at the center of your fingers and twist the ribbon so that the reverse side is up and form a loop on the other side.
  • Continue creating loops on both sides, making sure that you twist the ribbon every time before making another loop. The loops should be of the same length. Make four to six loops on each side. Wrap a short piece of beading wire or floral wire around the middle of the loops tightly. You can also sew the center. Cut the long end of the ribbon slightly longer than the loop. Cut it at a slant and do the same for the other tail end of the ribbon.
  • Attach the bows to the center of the barrette with hot glue. Cut a short piece of ribbon, enough to go around the ribbon and barrette. Secure one end of the ribbon at the back of the barrette and bring it around and secure the other end to the back of the barrette again. You can place a glass bead or a small clay figure at the center of the multi-loop hair bow.
  • You can also make another multi-loop bow in contrasting color or a printed ribbon and place it over the single colored bow. Tie them together and attach to the barrette. If you are using a wider ribbon and longer barrette, arrange the loops so that they do not overlap too much. Singe the cut ends of the ribbons with a lighter to prevent the ends from fraying.
  • You can make the multi-loop hair bows more interesting by using different types of ribbons as well as lace. String round and heart shaped beads on thin ribbons and knot the ends to prevent the beads from slipping. Cut about three to three and a half inches and sew the long ends together. Place in the center of the loops before adding the bead or flay figure.


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