How To Make My Own Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers can bring style and function to your patio, garden or your yard when you are remodeling your landscaping.  They are easy to install and will add visual appeal to your yard or garden. There are various styles and designs of concrete pavers that you can buy from a home improvement shop. However, it is still better to make your own. Not only can you save, you can still make it in a design that is all your own. All you need are molds which you can either buy or make yourself. Here are some tips on how to make your own concrete pavers.

  • Decide on the layout and design of the area you are going to pave. If you have the design already you will be able to estimate how many pavers you will need. Prepare the ground that you will cover with pavers. Follow the instructions on how to prep the ground and make it ready.
  • Look for good designs for the pavers. You can check online, look at home improvement magazines and browse the shops.  Decide the design and look for available molds. The molds are inexpensive and you need several so as not to waste time in creating enough for one batch and allow them to cure while you prepare another batch. If you are not very particular about the design and can make do wit square, round or rectangular shapes, you can use whatever materials at home that can be turned into molds or you can build wooden molds. Buy mold release agent for the molds to help in removing the concrete pavers once they have set.
  • Prepare an area in your yard where you can mix your concrete and pour it into the molds. The area has to be clean and flat. Set the molds on the ground and coat the insides with the mold release agent. The concrete should be mixed on a 1-2-3 ratio which means one part concrete to two parts sand and three parts one-half inch aggregate and enough water to make a thick mix. The pavers should be harder because they will be subjected to frequent foot or at times, vehicle traffic.
  • Ensure that you fill the molds evenly. Shake the molds and bounce them on the ground a few times to ensure that the concrete is spread evenly and fills the corners of the mold. Bouncing them a few times on the ground will remove any air bubbles that may have formed while you poured the concrete. Give the concrete forty eight hours to cure before removing them from the molds.  

Take the time to study your area and the design that you want to put in place. Installing concrete pavers can take time and it will be difficult to remove them and change the pattern once you have started and errors can prove costly. Concrete can harden rather quickly so it is wise to clean all the tools that you have used at the end of each day. Make sure that the design you have chosen will complement the theme of your garden or your landscaping design.


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