How To Make Picture Frame Ornaments Using Plastic Lids

What other way to rekindle memories but to give out handmade picture frames? Nowadays, saving the environment and recycling what we can is the way to go – even in making gifts or crafts. You can make picture frames out of containers’ plastic lids that would look as beautiful as new picture frames. These would be perfect holiday gifts or anniversary gifts but not as expensive. Let this article teach you how to make picture frames out of used containers’ plastic lids.

  • First, you should have these materials:
    • Old plastic lids
    • Photos (should be about the size of your plastic lid)
    • Glue gun
    • Hard plastic cover
    • Ribbon (to hang the frame)
  • Gather plastic lids from used containers. From used containers of coffee, candy or potato chips like Pringles, separate the plastic lids from the jars. Clear plastic lids are good to use for this craft but lids with colors like white, green or brown are just as perfect. In fact, if the plastic lids are already colored, it would save you some time to color them. Clean the lids thoroughly. Be sure there are no stains or damages on them.
  • Cut out the hole from the center of the lid. Use a sharp knife or cutter to cut out the center part of the plastic lid. Cut through around the hard edges of the lid carefully. The best way to cut the center would be to lay the lid inside out on a flat surface and trace it with a cutter. You can use the center part of the lid to make as an ornament for later.
  • Trace and cut your photos. Select your photos. Use the ones that are of the same scale or proportion as the plastic lid. Overlay the plastic lid on the photo to check that everything on the photo can be seen through the hole. If you don’t want to use personal photos, you can use old Christmas cards or all-purpose cards (just the front part) as an alternative.
  • Cut out a cardboard backing. Use the cut out portion (the center part) of the lid to trace the cardboard backing. Use 4-ply Bristol board or hard cardboard for the frame backing. Be sure the backing fits perfectly into the plastic lid.
  • Cut out plastic photo frame cover. Photo frames have glass covers that protect the photos in them. Since you can’t use glass for the plastic lid photo frames (it doesn’t fit!) use hard plastic covers instead. Cut out the same shape and size as the cardboard backing and fit it inside the plastic lid.
  • Drill a hole on one side of the lid. You should have a small hanger ribbon that lets you hang the photo frame on the wall. Drill a small hole on one side of the plastic lid. You can use an ID puncher or you can heat a nail and push it through the plastic lid. Put a ribbon through the hole and tie it on a knot.
  • Assemble the photo frame. Insert the plastic cover first, followed by the photo or picture and the cardboard backing. Seal the frame by running the glue gun around the edges of the cardboard backing. This will paste the cardboard backing to the plastic lid. You can use super glue as an alternative.

Now you’re finished with the photo frame, you can be sure it’s going to be appreciated a lot. Good luck!


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