How To Make Plantation Blinds

The term “plantation shutters or blinds” may intrigue you. The word “shutters” or “blinds” is not new to you, but why plantation? The historical background of plantation blinds or shutters dates back to the time when the Spanish traveled to America to settle. They introduced the use of louvered shutters which were actually windows made of wood. The term plantation shutters became known because these wooden shutters were commonly used in houses in American plantations. So there it is. There is always something new to learn each day, is there not?

Plantation blinds are often used to cover windows when the scenery outside is not very nice. Yet although plantation blinds are used to cover the view from your window, you can still open or peek through the shutters anytime you want. You can make your own plantation blinds by following these steps:

  • Read craft magazines and search for instructions and illustrations on how to construct plantation shutters. Home building magazines, architectural journals, interior design newsletters are some reading materials that provide illustrated instructions on how to do certain things for your home. You may also browse on the web for sites on interior decoration and home construction.
  • Purchase the materials. From local stores (DIY or Do It Yourself stores) in your area, you will certainly find what you need for your plantation blinds. Pick only those which you can use such as: cove molding and wooden bi-fold closet doors. Most of these materials are surpluses from previous construction projects and are readily available at low cost.
  • Look for wooden or bamboo slats from stores that cater to recyclable goods. There are a lot of home builder suppliers now that sell used blinds which are in good condition. Since you are creating your own plantation blinds anyway, you have a free hand to refurbish the old materials to make them look like new.  
  • Get the measurements of the windows where the plantation blinds will be installed. A miter saw is the best tool in doing this task. Start measuring from the topmost down to the lowest part of the window. Make sure to begin a few inches from the outer part of the window frame to give allowance for the installation.
  • Measure the width of the available wooden slats. Before installing the blinds, be certain that the slats are long enough to cover the width of the window. You need to know the measurement of each slat so you can decide how many slats you need to cover the entire area of the window.
  • Use two thick (half inch) wooden bars as support for the top and bottom parts of the blinds. Place these slats on the floor away from each other based on the height of the window.
  • Mount each wooden slat together with the use of a strong nylon rope. Attach the slats to the support bars. Allow a few inches of string to dangle on the side for use when you need to open or close the blinds.
  • Color the plantation blinds with your preferred hue. Allow the paint to dry well before hanging on the window.

The nice thing about making your own plantation blinds is that you can put to use your artistry and creativity. You may paint a design on the slats which transforms into a whole pattern when the blinds are closed. You may add more decorations such as fake rhinestones, stickers and the like to make them more colorful and attractive.


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