How To Make Plastic Canvas Doll Furniture

Plastic canvas, also known as vinyl weave, is similar to embroidery canvas.  The difference is that plastic canvas is made of plastic material.  It is commonly used by hobbyists as a canvas work for embroidery. Nowadays, it can be made into a 3-dimensional art work.  Common examples are square boxes used as pencil holders, pencil cases etc.  You can use these materials to create miniature furniture for your kids’ dolls. Since you can create your own, you won’t have to worry about buying one from the store as you can easily make different designs right in your own home.  You can select and combine different colors of plastic canvas depending on the design you wish to create.

  • Material to be used. Prepare the materials you need.  They are as follows:  at least 2 plastic canvases (7 count), wool or knitting yarn, sewing needles, scissors, and furniture patterns as guide.
  • Make your doll furniture.  Choose the pattern for the doll furniture you want to create.  For example, a simple bench seat will require 2 pieces of the plastic canvas with 13 holes x 26 holes for the first side of the legs (you can label it as Leg A).  Remember that you are making side legs so the 13 holes are for the height of the two legs at both ends and the 26 holes are for the top part that connects the two. Cut 2 pieces more with13 holes x 13 holes or same as what you did with Leg A but label it Leg B. Cut 13 x 26 rectangular shaped holes.  This serves as the top part.
  • Stitching it all up. Whipstitch is a type of stitch used for finishing the edges or joining two pieces of cloth or plastic canvas together. You need to combine the parts that were cut earlier. Join Leg A and Leg B by whip stitching them together then attach it to the top part of the bench figure. Do the same with the remaining legs and attach them onto the top part. Be sure to align each part to achieve balance when it is placed on top of a flat surface. When stitching, make sure to start from the back of the plastic canvas to hide loose threads.  Stitch it really well.  Not too tight or too loose to avoid disfiguring the figure.

This is the simplest way of creating doll furniture out of plastic canvas. Once you know the basics, you can make different kinds of furniture for your doll house. You can also make use of different colors of thread to enhance its appearance. Attaching lace is also a nice add-on to your furniture but remember that the simpler the appearance, the better. Bear in mind that the most important thing is the color of thread and the shape of the figure that you are going to create. You can always use patterns and guides in making your own design. You can also search online for other designs but it is best to go to hobby shops to check out the actual stuff.


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