How To Make Slate Tile Coasters

If you are looking for a home project that is both functional and easy to do, you can’t go wrong with slate tile coasters. They add protection to your table surfaces and can be completed without a sweat. What’s more, they are a perfect gift for your friends. Here’s how you can make slate tile coasters.

  • Choose your tiles. You need non-glossy tiles for this project, so choose tiles that have non-glazed finish. The tiles should also have flat and even topsides and undersides. Consider the size as well. The most common sizes for slate tile coasters are 4x4” and 3 ¾x3 ¾”. If you have problems choosing tiles, ask help from the tile store employees. Or better yet, find out the kinds of tiles that will make good coasters before you even set out.
  • Clean your tiles. It is very important to clean the tiles before you work on them, as the dust and dirt that have accumulated on the surfaces will affect the functionality of the coasters. So make sure to scrub the tiles thoroughly. Using soapy water and scrubby pad, clean both sides of the tiles. Rinse them after and let them completely dry.
  • Decorate your tile coasters. Now, this is the most exciting part. If you have chosen plain-looking tiles, you can make them more attractive by decorating them with colored patterns. There are several ways to decorate slate tile coasters. One is by rubber stamping. Available in scrapbooking and craft stores, rubber stamps come in different patterns. Make sure to use different patterns and colored inks to make the coasters more attractive. After stamping, allow the ink to completely dry and apply fixative. Aside from rubber stamping, you can also hand-paint your tile coasters. This, however, is more artistically challenging. If you are particularly good at drawing and painting, this method will work best for you. Just the same, choose design patterns and paint colors that you think will make your coasters more visually appealing. Let the paint dry and spray clear sealer after. Wait for the clear sealer to dry before moving on to the next step.
  • Attach adhesive felts. Felts are important in protecting the table surfaces from tile scratches. You need four small round self-adhesive felts for each tile coaster. Turn the tile coasters right side down. Then remove the backings of the felt and attach each felt to every tile corner. Turn the coasters right side up and let the felts stick to the tiles’ undersides. In place of felt, you can also use cork. Cut the cork into small pieces and glue the cork pieces to the tile corners. Let the glue dry for a few hours.

Your slate tile coasters are now ready. You can use them while having coffee, tea, juice, or any other beverage. If you will be giving the coasters as gifts, bundle them together with a lace or ribbon. Make a simple note in a card and put it on top of the bundled slate tile coasters.


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