How To Make Small Barrette Hair Bows

Small barrette hair bows are perfect if you want to doll up your little daughter. Buy different kinds of barrette hair bows, but it’s much more fun if you make them yourself. What’s nice is that you can create barrette hair bows for each of your little girl’s favorite outfits, making her a standout. Fortunately, making a small barrette hair bow is pretty simple. Here is a guide.

  • Prepare your materials. For this project, you need to have a French pinch barrette about three inches in length. You also need grosgrain ribbon that should be as wide as the width of your barrette. The length of the ribbon pretty much depends on your preference, but generally it should be around 1 foot long. But if you like your bow with longer tails, your ribbon should be a little longer. You can, for instance, add six more inches.  
  • Make the bow. Get your ribbon and make a bow out of it. The simplest “shoelace” bow is enough. But make sure that the two loops are of equal size and extend up to the ends of the barrette. The tails should also have the same length. If the bow is a little uneven, you have to re-do the ribbon until you make a perfect bow.
  • Put the bow in place. There are two ways to do this. One is by gluing. You can use ordinary white glue for this task, but glue gun works much better. Start by placing small amounts of glue along the length of the barrette. Then position the bow on the barrette, making sure the ends of the bows and the ends of the barrette are properly aligned. Then press your bow in place. If you are using a glue gun, take note that the glue might be a little hot. So be careful. Sewing is another method. To do this, you need to first detach the metal curve from inside the barrette. Put the bow in place. Insert the needle into the hole on one end of the barrette and through the bottom part of the loop. Then wrap matching thread around your barrette and loop. Make a knot. Do the same to the other end of the barrette. Next, wrap a piece of matching ribbon around the bow and barrette’s center. Sew the ends together. The bow should now be securely attached to the barrette. You can put the metal curve back in the barrette.
  • Trim the tails. The tails should be hanging down from the barrette. To make the hair bow barrette a lot more attractive, you can make a slanting cut on both tails or make an inverted “V” shape cut on them. This is a personal preference, so decide how to trim the bow tails.

And now you are done! You have now a pretty barrette hair bow to put on your daughter’s hair. Try to do more barrette hair bows if you have enough materials. If you want, you can make barrette hair bows in different colors and sizes.


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